5 Weeks Pregnant – Telling People, First Trimester Symptoms & Tears in Tesco

5 Weeks Pregnant – Telling People, First Trimester Symptoms & Tears in Tesco

28th September 20165 Weeks Pregnant

So according to my Nurture App, today I am 5 weeks pregnant which ties in well with my own calculations as, though it was a bit sketchy, my last period was on 24th August. Its still super early days, but I find it crazy that we’re already 5 weeks in. Another 7 weeks and we’re out of the ‘danger zone’ first trimester.

I’ve registered with the midwife already and am waiting on a call from her to book in my first appointment and scan. Until then, I am counting every single bought of back pain, nausea, exhaustion and boob ache as a blessing, as a sign that all is well. It seems that with each day comes a new symptom and the tiredness goes up another notch. The only thing that’s causing me a little concern health wise is that the area where my ovarian cyst was removed from back in June is still super tender and twingey. I keep telling myself it’s been achey ever since the surgery and that it’s probably just adjusting to yet more changes, but it is definitely something I am going to take up with my midwife when I see her.

We’re so excited, but also quite cautious. One of the things I knew I wouldn’t be able to do once I got that BFP was keep this news a secret – partly because I am just so happy to be pregnant and partly because if anything were to happen and things didn’t quite go to plan, I want those closest to us to be able to understand what we’re going through and lend the support that we might need.

Telling people has been my favourite thing so far, watching people react. After Sean, the first people I told were my Mum and sister. I wrapped up the test in bubble wrap and tissue paper and wrote “Guess What…” in a card, and on the way out I gave them to them. The combination of shock and pure elation on their faces when they realised what it all meant filled my heart with joy. My mum pretty much cried the entire way around the supermarket and my sister went into full protective mode. She even hoovered and cleaned my house!

Next to know were my best friends. We’d planned for them to come over for dinner and to see the new house the week before and I hadn’t actually intended to tell them until Sean got home but once they arrived I couldn’t contain my excitement and so told them as I put the kettle on. They, also were so excited. One couldn’t speak and another just kept repeating “You’re pregnant” over and over. I have three very excited potential baby sitters and one of them has called me every day since to see how I am.5 weeks pregnant friends

Sean told his uncle while they were over in Germany. And then the night he got back we headed over to his parents to tell his Mum & Dad, we bought them a balloon which read “You’re going to be grandparents” and wrapped it up in a box for them to open. His brothers, sister in law and Grandma were all there too so it turned out to be quite the family affair.Grandparents

Apart from our friends who are coming over on Saturday, that’s all of the people we are going to tell until our first scan.

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