39 + 3 Weeks Pregnant

39 + 3 Weeks Pregnant

We are just days away from our due date and after 39 weeks of growing this little girl in my tummy, we are SO ready to meet her and operation ‘Get This Baby Out’ is officially underway. I had a bit of a wobble in my last update, I think anxiety had gotten the better of me and combined with a bit of cabin fever, the famous pregnancy hormones were running wild! Top Tip for anyone on maternity leave – get out of the house!

I had my 39 week midwife appointment yesterday and thankfully it was a much better experience than the last. Baby has turned and is no longer back to back thanks to all of the birthing ball bouncing & walking we’ve done over the last week which I am so pleased about. She’s also now fully engaged and pretty much ready and waiting to come. If she hasn’t already made her arrival by then, we are booked in for a stretch & sweep next Tuesday to see if we can get things moving along.

I’ve really made a point this last 10 days or so to remain active and get things done which has made such a difference to my mood. We headed to a family wedding on Saturday which I wasn’t sure I’d get to as we’ve had so many false alarms with Braxton Hicks becoming stronger and stronger as the days go on! I am also now the size of a whale so I was lucky to find anything to wear to the day that wasn’t Sean’s superman pyjamas or a Maxi dress that is more like a midi dress thanks to my ever expanding bump.

Symptoms wise, I’ve had really bad back ache which is only eased by paracetamol & applying a hot water bottle. I can feel baby really low down which is uncomfortable but reassuring at the same time – at least she’s in the right place! I am probably waking up around three or four times a night now and sleep isn’t coming very easy at all. All in preparation for those night feeds I guess. Other than that though, I’m doing pretty well. 39 weeks 1

As for baby, she’s playing the waiting game as much as we are now. At roughly 50cm in length she weighs around 7 to 8lb and will be shedding the Vernix Caseosa that’s been helping to keep infection at bay.

I am hoping that next time I write an update, it will be letting you all know that she is here. I’d really love her to be a May baby so please keep your fingers crossed that she doesn’t keep us waiting too much longer!

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