Pregnancy #2: 16 – 18 Week Pregnancy Update

Pregnancy #2: 16 – 18 Week Pregnancy Update

I really do feel like this pregnancy, since the first trimester ended, is absolutely flying by. How am I 18 weeks pregnant already? Just two weeks off of the half way point. Craziness.


Thankfully, aside from a few episodes here and there, the morning sickness and nausea has finally come to an end and I tell you, it is such a relief to plan days out and not have to worry about being ill. Around 15 + 2, just a couple days after I posted my last update, I started to become quite poorly in the night. I would wake up around 2.30am with excruciating pain around my back and stomach. At first, in that weird fuzzy passing between asleep and fully awake I actually thought it was contractions but soon realised my bladder was full to bursting and quickly had to run to the loo. It continued for a couple of nights until one evening I started to feel very uncomfortable and unwell and at that point in dawned on me that perhaps I had a UTI. I went to the doctors the following morning and it was confirmed and I was prescribed antibiotics. I actually suffered with these last time while I was pregnant with Florence but they presented themselves completely differently. The first sign I even had one was fainting in one of the shops one day at 20 weeks.  Thankfully, the antibiotics worked this time and my urine sample at the midwife at 16+2 came back all clear. I have been getting headaches and the midday fatigue has returned so I am tending to nap with Florence during the day if I have the chance. On a more positive note though, my hair is getting lovely and thick again and my nails certainly seem stronger. I Just need to work on a better skin care routine to try and improve my skin a bit.


Baby is definitely making him/herself known now and I often feel that wonderful popping sensation in my tummy during quiet moments. I’ve been trying to work out when I started to see movements from the outside last time but I imagine it could be earlier this time as my placenta is posterior rather than anterior. I can’t wait for Sean to be able to feel the baby kicking away.

Midwife appointment

My 16 week midwife appointment fell just an hour after hearing some truly tragic news and so upon arrival at the doctors surgery I was in a bit of a state. The midwife I saw was a new trainee and seemed entirely unsympathetic to the situation and just noted in my notes that I was ‘hormonal’.  This combined with sheer frustration that there doesn’t seem to be any continuity of care again when it comes to midwife appointments has made me insist upon seeing the same person each time. She took my blood pressure, urine sample and then we listened out for the baby’s heartbeat which I can tell you, there is no greater sound in the world. Everything seemed how it should be.


This time between now and the baby’s arrival needs to be completely dedicated to making memories with and preparing Florence for sisterhood. As part of that I have filled our calendar through the next few months with play dates, classes and days out. Making a conscious effort to get Florence socialising with children her age and younger is key as she isn’t really used to sharing. We were away last week and had a week filled with days out and adventure so we’ve had a lovely time making some memories as a family of three. 


At 18 weeks pregnant, this baby is around the size of a bell pepper – you know, the type you throw in a salad which is about 5.5 inches long. Baby can now hiccup, yawn, suck and swallow and is now wriggling around like a little martial arts expert. I swear I can feel him / her bouncing off my tummy sometimes. If like I suspect, this baby is indeed a boy, his genitals will be fully visible now so we’ll definitely be able to find out whether we are team pink or blue at our 20 week scan.

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