My Mum, My Sister & Me |Celebrating Mother’s Day with Max Spielmann {AD – Gifted}

My Mum, My Sister & Me |Celebrating Mother’s Day with Max Spielmann {AD – Gifted}

With a week to go until Mother’s Day, I’m teaming up with Max Spielmann to share my favourite memory with my mum. It’s really difficult to think of just one. At first I thought about the big events, the holidays, the days out etc but after a while I soon realised, my favourite moments with my mum while growing up were the perfectly ordinary ones. The simple times when we didn’t even realise we were making memories.

From the age of 11, it was just me, my mum & my sister at home. Life for us as a family at the time, was complicated and hectic and sometimes extremely stressful. We battled the crappy bits head on, as a formidable team and to this day we’re still quite a force to be reckoned with.

My mum was a busy single working mum, I was a busy and troubled teenager and My sister always had friends over or was out playing. Often Sunday evenings were the only time we’d get together to just stop & be. Over time, They became a bit of a thing and no matter what was going on anywhere else, you can bet on a Sunday night you’d find us, all three, cosied up in our pjs on the sofa in front of the TV, full to bursting from a roast dinner.

Mostly we’d watch a film but my favourite Sunday evenings were those that fell in January & February. We’d settle down together and watch Dancing on ice with Wild at heart sandwiched in between the performance show & the skate off. More often than not, we’d do face masks or my sister would turn our living room into a little salon, painting our toenails in questionable colours and giving us ‘facials’ in the ad breaks. Sometimes we’d work through my homework together while the tv played in the background, or simply chat away. Others we’d just sit and be, relaxed in each others company.

We counted on Sunday nights to keep us grounded. Im not sure if my mum set out in the first place for them to become such a thing, looking back now I suspect she did as however simple and ordinary those moments together were, they meant that each of us knew that what ever came our way that week, we always had each other.

These days, while our every day lives are different and Sundays very rarely look the same as they used to, that feeling of it being us against the world still stands. If you want one of us, you get all of us. If one of us is in trouble, together we make it through. We’re still that formidable threesome we always were. My mum, my sister & me.

What are your favourite moments or memories that you share with your Mum?

*I was gifted a canvas print from Max Spielmann in return for sharing my favourite moments with my Mum in the lead up to Mother’s Day. I chose a photograph of the three of us together and It makes the perfect Mother’s Day gift. You can order yours here.

The photograph featured on the canvas was taken at a gifted mother & daughter photo shoot with Red Shoe.

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