You & Me in the Morning

You & Me in the Morning

I’ve always been an early bird, sleeping in ’til midday was never really my style. Don’t get me wrong, I love a pj day but I’m generally up and functioning by around 6.30, 7 at the latest, even at the weekend and it would seem you take after your Mama in that department. You are definitely a morning person.  IMG_2486

By the time you’re up, Daddy has normally left for work already and so, with the exception of a snoring Alfie at the end of the bed, it’s just you and me. You wake up every single day with a smile that beams up at me and as I get you from your crib all scrunched up and snoozy you coo and laugh and chat as we climb back into Mama’s bed for cuddles and the first bottle of the day.

You gaze up at me with those big just-woken-up eyes as you drink your milk. You scrunch my hair with one hand,  holding on tightly to my little finger with the other, your little face illuminated by the gentle morning sunlight trickling in through the window. You take a break every ounce or so to show off that cheeky smile of yours.  Once you’ve finished and all drunk on milk, we lay and play and chat some more. IMG_2495

We read books, sing songs and play with your favourite toys until your eyes become heavy and you slowly drift back off to sleep. I often find myself just watching you, taking every part of you in. You are changing by the day and have suddenly become this little person with your own little quirks, speedily outgrowing your squishy newborn status. Where is the time going?IMG_2519

You sleep for around an hour, long enough for me to quickly shower and start getting ready for the day providing I haven’t fallen sound asleep next to you which happens quite a lot these days. You wake up even happier than before and like to smile and chat away to yourself in the mirror while I put my make up on and dry my hair. IMG_2527

Our mornings, those early moments of calm before the business of our days begin are becoming my favourite part of the day.


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