What to expect at your child’s first nasal flu vaccine

What to expect at your child’s first nasal flu vaccine

I don’t usually post this sort of thing but it was something I googled quite a lot in the lead up to Florence’s first nasal Flu Vaccine and frankly I was none the wiser by the time the appointment came around. Florence is quite wary of doctors etc and It would have been really helpful to have an idea of what was going to happen so I could prepare her for her appointment and put her at ease a little. That in mind, I thought I’d share our experience in case anyone else was wondering what to expect.

I didn’t tell her about the appointment until that morning. She really protested about it all morning so I was a bit apprehensive before we got there.

We were called in by an extremely ‘sunshiney’ young nurse who immediately started chatting away to Florence. I haven’t seen her at our surgery before (I’ve a sneaky suspicion she’d been called in especially for the flu vaccinations) but She clearly had a knack with children and knew exactly how to make the whole ordeal a lot more fun.

When we were in the room she explained to Florence that she had some magic spray in her draw and that she needed to put it in her nose. It would give her magic powers that made sure she wouldn’t get any nasty flu bugs that would make her poorly.

Once Florence was a bit more relaxed, she quickly ran through a questionnaire about Florence which asked about allergies, current medications and whether anyone she lived with had any severe medical conditions or was undergoing any intensive treatment. She let me know that she might have a few cold symptoms in the week after the flu vaccine.

Once she knew that I was happy to go ahead, her attention went back to Florence. She showed her the special tube which had the magic spray in – a clear tube probably the same size as one of those tiny perfume tester bottle – and then told her again what she was going to do.

While a bit hesitant , Florence sat super still on my lap and let the nurse insert the tube into her nose. A quick spray in each of her nostrils and it was all over!

The nurse told Florence what a good girl she’d been and gave her a ‘special magic tissue’ to wipe her nose with.

That was that! Such a straightforward, refreshing appointment and it might just have changed Florence’s whole outlook on any future trips to the doctors!

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