Weaning William: A Combined Approach to Introducing First Foods

Weaning William: A Combined Approach to Introducing First Foods

We’ve reached one of my favourite stages of the baby days. The squishy newborn days are behind us for now and now that William has reached 6 months we’ve moved on to weaning! In truth, we started weaning a little earlier than 6 months – probably around 5 months as he is just such a hungry little thing. I find it so rewarding cooking and preparing new meals with new flavours for a baby and watching them discover a whole new world of food!

We started with baby rice, watered down a little more than advised as he was still younger than the recommended 6 months and that’s just what the Health Visitor had told us to do when we weaned Florence early. He had this maybe every other day to start with and then we introduced some Ella’s Kitchen fruit pouches / homemade fruit purees on the days in between as he began to get used to eating a bit more.

Once he turned 6 months I started to introduce a second meal each day with one of  those being predominantly finger foods – cheese sticks, par boiled carrot sticks, cucumber, toast soldiers for example. He devoured everything I gave him within moments bless him and so before long we moved up to three meals per day.

He now has porridge every morning for breakfast, sometimes with a crust of Florence’s toast he can munch on between spoonfuls.

For lunch, he generally has a baby version of whatever Florence and I are having. A sandwich and some veggie / fruit sticks always goes down well, or sometimes we have pasta with grated cheese which he loves too. Both littles tend to have a yogurt with their lunch too. 

When it comes to dinner, unless what we’re having isn’t particularly baby friendly again he has a version of what I am serving up for everyone else. He’s had  home cooked bolognese, a roast dinner, mashed potato & brocolli, noodles, even a very mild curry and loved it all! If what’s on the menu isn’t suitable for him or we are eating later than he needs dinner, I turn to a baby food jar or pouch. After dinner he’ll tend to have some fruit purree or baby banana custard.

I’ve taken a lot more of a baby led approach this time around while still using some purees to fill in the gaps or rely on when I just need to grab something quick for him. One thing I did forget is just how messy weaning is! Even a few bits of plain pasta leads to a whole host of mess so we either cover him with a giant muslin or strip him down completely.

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