Trusting our instincts and weaning Florence at 4 months old

Trusting our instincts and weaning Florence at 4 months old

There comes a time when you’re a parent that you just have to put the rule book to one side and trust your instincts. Don’t get me wrong, that rule book comes in handy more often than we probably like to admit, but I also think we should remember that no two babies are the same and that reading your baby’s signals and trusting your gut feeling is so important.

Florence has always been an amazing sleeper, self settling and sleeping through from six weeks old but over the last few weeks she’s been struggling to settle anywhere and all the fail safe tricks are no longer working. She is draining her 9 oz bottles at every feed and despite me adding an extra bottle into our days she just hasn’t been satisfied. (We’ve been advised not to change her milk to ‘hungry baby’ versions.)   Both make for a very hungry & over tired baby who, while it’s what all the cool kids do, just isn’t quite cut out for the all night party lifestyle she’s been going for lately. Combine these two factors with Florence’s ability to hold her head up and steady without need for a break, can sit unaided for long periods of time, and has brilliant hand to mouth coordination.  Not to mention her sudden interest in our dinner plates and tendency to grab a handful of whatever we’re eating and attempt to get it in her mouth before we stop her! And so, after doing all the research, listening to the advice from friends, family & health professionals alike, we have decided to start weaning Florence at four months old.

We’ve started off slowly, giving her a quarter portion of very runny baby porridge at dinner time, before her 6pm bottle & bath. While I was cautious and didn’t really expect her to eat much of it at all to begin with, she just can’t get enough! Even on her first sitting on Saturday, she polished the entire portion off and would have kept going if she could have.

We have already started to see our happy little Florence return and she’s back on track and already more settled in the evenings so, while it’s early days, I think I am confident that we have done the right thing by starting to wean her earlier than the 6 month guideline.

We are going to stick to just the porridge for at least the first few weeks and then over time slowly start introducing different flavours and making our own purees week by week to ensure we can identify any allergies or intolerance.

When did you start to wean your little one?

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2 thoughts on “Trusting our instincts and weaning Florence at 4 months old”

  • I think you’re totally right about trusting your instincts. We didn’t start weaning Dougie until he was almost six months, but he had only just started sitting unaided, and didn’t really have a huge amount of interest in our food until then. We did the same as you, started off with porridge and then added some flavours, though he was still always more interested in milk than anything else – I started mixing breastmilk with his food to get him eating! He was (still is) much better with finger foods but since turning one he’s finally wanting more food and less milk! I’m so glad Florence seems so much happier with the porridge and weaning!

  • I think I’ve already said this to you on Twitter, but we weaned our daughter at four months and have no regrets – she was going through a massive growth spurt (she leapt from the 50th to the 98th centile for height in the space of a couple of weeks) and milk simply wasn’t enough. The guidelines are just guidelines; our health visitor was completely behind early weaning; you know your own kid best. Best of luck!

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