To all my family & friends, please take my photograph

To all my family & friends, please take my photograph

Please take my photograph. It might seem a strange request, a vain request perhaps, but before you dismiss this plea altogether, please read on just a little further. This is a post for all of our family & friends, for the family & friends of all the Mama’s out there.

Since having Florence, the reality of the phrase ‘time flies’ has really hit home with me. She changes every single day and I find myself trying to capture and store every single moment in my memory in a bid to hold onto these precious days with my little girl. I spend so much time taking photographs capturing those special every day moments with the people who love her the most in the hope that in years to come we will look back and be reminded of every feeling, every special ordinary day. I have taken many an unposed photo of Florence & her Daddy. I have a bank of images which captures their already amazing bond, their beautiful growing relationship and Sean’s pride at introducing her to our nearest and dearest that I will treasure forever.

daddy & grandad

As well as those of Florence & her Daddy I adore looking back through the ‘in the moment’ photos I’ve managed to capture of her and our family & friends. Every meeting, every exchange of funny faces, every precious cuddle that I’ve been able to record will be cherished.



But one thing I’ve noticed as I look back through our camera roll is that very few of these candid, in the moment, unposed photographs with Florence have me in. Sure, I’ve taken about a thousand selfies, stood in front of our garden wall and smiled for the camera but hardly any of the real life, every day moments that make up our life. From conversations I’ve had with fellow Mama’s it appears I’m not alone and so, alongside my friend Jennie who writes over at Edspire I’ve decided to launch the #CandidMumProject in a bid to encourage friends o& family of Mums everywhere to capture those ordinary moments shared between her & her little ones so that in years to come, her face is not absent from the photo albums!#CandidMumProject

You don’t need a fancy camera, there’s no filter needed and no such thing as the perfect lighting when it comes to the #CandidMumProject, just snap away and capture the raw essence of motherhood and send them to the Mama in your life. I promise she’ll thank you for it! And if you’re on instagram, why not share them or encourage her to, while making sure you use #CandidMumProject. At the end of every month, Jennie & I will share our favourite 9 images on our blogs & instagram accounts (@amielizabethblog & @edspire).

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13 thoughts on “To all my family & friends, please take my photograph”

  • Im saying this all the time about photographs. It will happen next week when we are on holiday, no one will take photographs of me and Lil toggether unless I ask them and then they become so posed. I would love more photographs of me and Lily toggether. I feel so so so sad that not a single person thought about taking a photograph of me holding her in hospital when she was first born. Theres one of my mum, my dad, my partner… but non of me with her in my arms. It was only looking back that I realised I didn’t have any.
    Brilliant project. Will share this and tag people I know :)

  • I totally agree, I was thinking about this the other day actually. My son is now 20 and I like to have photos taken with him as often as i can. He may pull a funny face but that’s him!

  • This is such a good project. I think it’s true that the candid shots capture the most from our everyday lives and it is these that will become most precious. Tx

  • I love the candid photos more than the pose one. There is something very mesmerising about them. You always wonder what was happening at that time? On the other hand pose pictures doesn’t have any mystery. And I understand the pain when no one thinks of taking candid photo of you. It is like my life story :)

  • What a fantastic project, such a lovely idea. Unposed photos are always the best, it is very rare I am ever in photos with my children and I do wish I was x

    • So important I think! Hopefully this little project will encourage more people to take photos of the Mama’s in their lives! I took a few of my friend yesterday with her little one and she repaid the favour without even having to ask. ☺️

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