One week of William

One week of William

One whole week of you. How can that be already? This time last week I found myself wondering if you were ever going to arrive after all of your false starts. Little did I know that by tea time I’d be holding you in my arms! Your birth was simply amazing and I think I’m still a little bit in awe of your arrival.

I forgot just how quickly these first days go and it’s as though your first week in the world has passed by in a flash. When you were first born you were the image of your sister, but you are changing so much every single day that I really don’t know who you look like. You just look like you. And even though I’m obviously biased, I think you’re pretty cute! We’ve spent the last seven days getting to know you, working out your little quirks and soaking up all of the newborn cuddles.

We spent your first night at the maternity unit in our own little suite. Your grandparents came to see visit on the night you were born and then it was just you and me. It was so nice to be able to spend the time together in such a peaceful place and soak up a little quiet time before we came home. Your Aunty Libby managed to get a quick visit in on Saturday morning too.

It has taken Mama a bit longer to recover after your arrival than it did with your sister so other than your 5 day check, we’ve stayed home each day. We are going to venture out at the weekend when Daddy is home. It has meant that it’s given you and Florence the chance to get some good sibling bonding time in though. She is a bit of a force to be reckoned with but it seems she has fallen just as in love with you as the rest of us. She loves to lay next to you and stroke your head gently and showers you with kisses at every chance she gets. I cannot wait to watch your little relationship grow — something tells me you are going to be the best of friends.

You’ve met all of your aunties and uncles now too and have been absolutely spoiled with gifts and cuddles.

You are definitely a baby who likes to be held. Our first few nights I wondered how we were ever going to cope as you just were not happy anywhere other than on me or your Daddy, and your sister was struggling with having to share us but as the week has gone on nights have become easier and you’re happier in your SnuzPod as long as you’re in a Gro Snug – I guess they make you feel all safe like when you were in Mama’s tummy.

We had a few worries about feeding – to start with you’d take hardly any milk at all and then you were feeding on demand taking 2oz every 2 hours. I think we may have turned a corner now though and you’re starting to settle into a routine of 3-4 hourly feeds and the midwife was happy that you have only lost a teeny amount of weight since birth. In fact, aside from a little jaundice she said you are pretty perfect!

You’ve stolen our hearts little man and I can’t imagine life without you now.

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