The Me + Mine Project | February 2019 {Our First Family Photo…}

The Me + Mine Project | February 2019 {Our First Family Photo…}

I thought this month, the one where our little family grew from three to four, would be a good time to start joining in with Me & Mine Project. I’ve always loved the idea of this little monthly family photo project, but never got around to actually getting a photograph and writing it up! Now though, I’m determined to make sure we get a family photograph every month and what better way to start than with our first ever photo as a family of four.

The photo above really does make me laugh. I’d imagined a perfectly smiley and poised photo for our first little family portrait but it would seem the littles had other ideas! William looks like a drunk old man who has passed out on his way home and Florence… well, what can I say? She’s just wonderfully, Florence. It’s safe to say our little family selfie shoot didn’t exactly go as I’d pictured but the images make me smile anyway. 

This was our first official trip out, just us. Sean had taken the day off work to take us to William’s hospital appointment and we decided to head to one of our favourite local spots, Leybourne Lakes, to have a wander around & feed the ducks afterwards. I was finally feeling well enough to be up and about properly so it was great to be out of the house and not worrying about how I’d feel later that evening.

The weather was warm enough for none of us to need a coat, the sun was shining and it definitely felt like spring was in the air. So strange as Looking back through my Instagram it turns out that on the same day last year we were at the same Lakes wrapped up in wooly hats and big coats a day before the ‘Beast from the East’ arrived.

We didn’t take the pram so Florence was able to run about to her hearts content, stopping to wave at the dogs who walked passed and say ‘Hiya’ to everyone she saw. As they stopped to chat to her, they’d notice I was carrying a soundly sleeping William in the sling and coo over him and all of his hair. Florence (and Sean and I) loved showing off her new baby brother.

We eventually found the perfect spot to feed the ducks and while when we arrived the waters were a bit scarce, we were soon inundated with a gaggle of geese, two huge swans & a whole flock of birds and ducks. It was wonderful to watch Florence’s little fill with delight as she threw the bird seeds into the lake for them. We ended up staying until the entire bag was empty and the sun began to go down.

It was the perfect afternoon spent with my little family. I’m feeling very lucky and incredibly proud to have these three to call my people. Here’s to making (and capturing) more wonderful family memories in March.

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