If you’re happy and you know it

If you’re happy and you know it

For me, there is nothing more magical, more heart warming than watching my baby grow and learn each and every day. Over the last few weeks, Florence has transformed from a baby to a little cheeky, clever almost toddler full of character. She learned to clap her hands a few weeks ago and ever since, one of her favourite things to do is clap along to ‘If you’re happy and you know it’. She laughs and claps her hands so vigorously some times that she looses her balance! She’s happy, she knows it and she really wants to show it so she does.  I find myself singing it on repeat, so much so that I now hum it in the shower, whistle it while I’m cooking and it plays in my head every night before I go to sleep. While it’s getting a bit old now, it has made me think a little bit.IMG_0885

For a very long time all I ever wanted to be was a mother. That need to have a baby consumed my every thought, influenced every decision I made and for a while it made me a little crazy. When I found out I was pregnant in September 2016, I could barely contain my joy but at the same time I was so very nervous. I spent my pregnancy monitoring every little symptom, every little movement and worrying about literally every little thing. That joy and excitement at growing a tiny human was also combined with a horrible feeling in the pit of my stomach and a tightening in my chest at the thought of it all going wrong. What if she couldn’t stay?IMG_6343

And then in May of last year, my beautiful healthy baby girl was born on her due date and filled my little world with light and a love like nothing else. Words cannot describe that feeling of elation I felt. Since Florence’s birth, people have commented so many times on how happy I seem. And they’re right. I am so happy I could burst! I look at photographs of myself taken over the last 9 months and for the first time since I was very young, I am actually smiling. From ear to ear, teeth showing, happy eyes. I think it is fair to say that my instagram feed, and my posts on here reflect that. florence's first snow 4

The thing is though, not everyone who comments on my happiness does so in a ‘I’m so happy for you’ kind of way. More often than I can count it’s been said with spite, anger even. And that hurts. Especially when it comes from friends. Recently it’s made me question every single thing I say in person or online and made me feel as though I should be apologetic for feeling and being happy. For a while there I stopped clapping.IMG_3331

Of course, there are some bloody hard days here. Motherhood, life in fact, is filled with all sorts of trials and obstacles and while I know it is important to acknowledge both the highs and the lows, since becoming a Mum I just find myself feeling grateful for being able to have any of it! High or low. Sure, some days can be tough, I HATE putting my daughter down to sleep at night, I am constantly worrying that one of us will fall gravely ill and there have been weeks so far this year when I wondered if we’d ever make ends meet but I am grateful for very sleepless night, every really hard day because there are parents out there who would kill for one last sleepless night, or ‘tough’ day  with their babies. Moaning constantly or dwelling on the slightly crappier bits when I am so blessed to have what I have just seems insensitive, like an insult. I am so incredibly lucky and to not appreciate that would be stupid.IMG_6908

So I’ve decided, with a little help from my gorgeous little girl, that I am going to stop apologising for being happy. I’m not going to try and hide it in case it offends somebody. I am happy, and I know it, and I’m going to clap my hands.

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2 thoughts on “If you’re happy and you know it”

  • Absolutely love love love this post! I totally know how you feel when you don’t think people are genuinely happy for you being happy. I too feel just so happy and content since having Freddie. Life is too short to waste it being anything other than happy xxx

    • Aw thank you beautiful. I just don’t want to waste a moment because I know just how short and cruel life can and has been for others who I love. Embracing happy and taking nothing for granted seems the best way to honour those who’ve had a rough ride! X x

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