Getting Started with Cloth Nappies

Getting Started with Cloth Nappies

It’s something I’ve been considering for some time, switching from disposable to reusable nappies.

I figured even if I used one cloth nappy per day, it was 7 less disposables ending up in landfill each week, 365 every year. And when you put it like that, it seems more than worth it doesn’t it? Imagine a pile of 365 nappies!

We started small. I bought an initial bundle of 3 nappies from Baba + Boo and then one more for William’s Easter Basket as well as a little pack of washable liners.

I was really excited to get started so put William in one the day they arrived. They were much easier to put on than I thought and actually looked super comfortable. He was still a bit teeny at that point so I put it on the smallest setting using the adjustable poppers.

I was so worried he’d poop (I SO wasn’t ready for that just yet) so I changed him after 2 hours, wrapping the nappy, liners & inserts all up together the way you would a disposable and using the Velcro tabs to close it up.

The washing of them though just seemed a whole new level of daunting and so despite weeks passing by they just sat there in the little lidded bin I bought for them until this weekend when I bit the bullet and popped them in the wash. I had been so worried about ruining them but really needn’t have been. I put them on a cold rinse, then on a 40 degree wash and then another rinse. They were absolutely fine! To dry them, I hung them on the line and ta-dah! All done. Oh my, so easy.

With them all ready and washed I decided to try a whole day with them today and it went so well. We even ventured out of the house AND finally tackled a poopy nappy.

After such a positive day, I’m now even more determined to go cloth full time and start reducing the impact we make on the planet with each nappy change. Do you use cloth nappies? Or are you tempted to? I’d love to know your thoughts, experiences & tips if you have any in the comments below!

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