8 Flower Baby Names for your list

8 Flower Baby Names for your list

When it came to naming Florence, it became quite clear towards the end of my pregnancy that I was particularly drawn to names with floral connotations. Florence itself means ‘Blossoming’ which I love, and her middle name, Ivy,  is strong & timeless much like the plant itself. Combined they become ‘Blossoming Strength’ which to me is just beautiful and really suits our little determined beauty. However, these weren’t the only names I had on my list and I spent many an hour during my maternity leave looking up names and flower meanings to help me decide. I’ve collated a few of my favourites along with some other gorgeous flower baby names in the hope to inspire you!

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Something about daisies remind me of the innocence of childhood – I remember picking them and making daisy chains in the park and putting them in little bunches for my Mum. The name Daisy is such a pretty little name for baby girl!


We’ve reserved Fearne for if we ever have another little girl. It’s so cool and edgy and goes so nicely with Florence.


I absolutely love the name Rose, it’s such a classic English name and is often lengthened to Rosie. Not only does it have connotations of Love and romance pink roses will always remind me of my Nan  so it has a family connection too.
Flower Baby Names


The flower of remembrance, there is not a more iconic flower than a Poppy. Vibrant & bold, to me the name Poppy suits a girl with a big personality.


Again, another beautiful classic name perfect for a little one. Iris was and still s one of my favourite girls names and also means rainbow. To me it signifies hope and wonder.


A gorgeous fragrant flower which always brightens up my day, lavender represents grace and elegance.

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Again, another name we had on our baby names list for Florence. I think it would be a lovely name for a Christmas baby.


Lillies, particularly tiger lillies are one of my favourite flowers and the name Lily has grown rapidly in popularity. Nationally it is known as a symbol of peace and and purity.

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  • I like Iris, very pretty.

    And I like Flora too, meaning plants. Close to Florence, we obviously have similar taste :)

    Jasmine’s quite pretty as well xx

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