Florence’s Two Week Update

Florence’s Two Week Update

Where has the time gone Florence? The days really are running away with me and we’re already two weeks in to your little life! I said it last week and I’m sure I will say it again, but you have changed our lives entirely and we feel like the luckiest people in the world to call ourselves your Mummy & Daddy.Florence Ivy 14062017 6

Florence Ivy 14062017

We haven’t really stopped this week, you love being out and about and we’ve been lucky to have some sunny weather so it seemed a shame to stay cooped up indoors too much. We’ve walked up to meet Aunty Libby from school on our quieter days and she’s loved showing you off to all of her friends, she’s so proud to be your aunty. We had a visit from one of Mummy’s best friends who spoiled you rotten with some adorable Peter Rabbit bits & bobs and plenty of cuddles and then on Saturday Nanny got to introduce you to her oldest friend and we spent the day with them while Daddy headed to the pub to ‘wet the baby’s head’ with all the men from the family. It’s safe to say he had a good time and returned home with giant persistent hiccups to match yours! florence meets issie

We have had two appointments this week, one to see the midwife where you were weighed and it was revealed that we were told the wrong birth weight for you! You were actually only 8lb 2oz  (not 8lb 15oz) when you were born and you’re bow 8lb 8oz which I’m so pleased about – all that milk guzzling paid off! You have stretched out a lot more now and already seem huge and SO long compared to those early days. You’ve grown out of two of your sleepsuits too. The midwife confirmed my suspicions that you have a tongue tie, but because we are bottle feeding you we’ve just got to wait and see if it will stretch on its own. 2 week baby updateWe were discharged from midwifery care and have been passed onto the health visitor who came to see us yesterday. She was here for a whole two hours because they’d some how missed us off the list when you were in my tummy. She made Mummy feel a bit rubbish to be honest, but as so any lovely people have said, only we truly know you and what you need. I’m up & I’ve dusted myself off after worrying & wallowing for a little bit though so onwards and upwards.

This last week we’ve also been to vote in the general election, had your first bath, been strawberry picking, had your first trip on the bus and on the train, met Granny for lunch and been on our first little shopping trip in town where you met all of Mummy’s work friends. We also couldn’t not pop into Nanny’s work while we were in town too so she could show you off to her friends – she is still SO excited to be a Nanny!  Florence Ivy 08062017




Speaking of Nanny, she is making us laugh a lot at the moment as she’s so super duper protective of us all. If ever we are out in the pushchair with her, she’ll stand in the middle of the road with her arms spread to stop any cars – she’s like our own personal lolly pop lady. It is a sight to see for sure. Maybe Mama will have to get a picture of her in action next time.

While at home you still love being snuggled up in your Poddle Pod during the day while you’re not in Mama or Daddy’s arms. We’ve bought a bunch of black & white toys from Amazon which you love to look at while you kick about. You’ve also spent some more time in your swing, though you’re still not 100% sure on what to make of it just yet.2 week baby update

You’re still taking around 3oz of milk each feed and until yesterday (when that silly health visitor lady messed everything up!) you were running like clockwork every four hours – eat, poop, sleep, repeat was pretty much our rhythm and we’re almost back into that swing again after an awful night last night. You’re a lot more sleepy than you were last week, and you’ve even slept through the night twice and gave us a lay in on Sunday morning.

Today you even treated Mummy to your first poo explosion.Florence Ivy 14062017 4

As for who you look like, that changes hourly. Some days you are the absolute double of your Daddy and at others I can see parts of Mummy & Aunty Libby in you. Daddy even thinks you look a bit like Nanny when you pull certain faces. Everyone always comments on your lovely long hair which is getting lighter by the day – we think it might turn a lovely auburn colour.

So there you have it, 2 whole weeks already! Time definitely needs to slow down. We love you little pickle. More than you will ever know.

Florence Ivy 2 weeks old

 Florence wears this strawberry dungaree set from Matalan. 

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