Florence’s Six Week Baby Update

Florence’s Six Week Baby Update

You turned six weeks old yesterday and my goodness you suddenly seem so big! Perhaps it is because we weighed you on Friday (mothercare have scales you can use to weigh your baby –  who knew?) and you already weighed 10lb 9oz! The health visitor was supposedd to be coming today but has rearranged to next Tuesday so I will be intrigued to see how much you’ve gained since then as you seem like a giant to me! A very cute and cuddly giant. It’s no surprise I suppose considering you are drinking more milk than I can keep up with. You certainly like your food.

You have treated us to so many of your gorgeous smiles this week – since learning to smile & poke your tongue out last week you have been showing off your new skills at every opportunity and it is so very cute. You’re just such a happy little thing and get so proud of yourself when you learn to do something new. Talking of learning new things, on Friday you rolled over! At FIVE WEEKS OLD, you rolled over. As much as I am excited to watch you grow, could we just slow down a little bit? Before I know it you’ll be sitting, crawling, walking – Mama needs a little more time filled with baby snuggles first please! zippy bib 2

6 week baby update 6This morning you found your hands and spent ages looking at them in awe and exploring my face with them.florence ivy 130720173

Our routine is becoming even more solid now and it’s a joy to spend the days with you. You usually come into Mummy’s bed around 5am when Daddy leaves for work and tend to sleep in until 7/7.30am. I just LOVE our early morning cuddles. After your bottle we have a natter and a kick about and then you drift in and out of sleep until your next bottle when if we’re having a day at home, we come downstairs and start the day, filling it with cuddles, play time and chatter.  You honestly don’t stop wriggling from the moment you wake up until bedtime. When it comes to bedtime, we start our bedtime routine around 6pm. You have so much fun in the bath, especially when there are bubbles involved! florence ivy 12072017

IMG_1317You have some time on your play mat while Mama gives you a quick massage and then it’s time for cuddles & milk before you snooze your way through the evening in the lead up to your last bottle of the day between 10pm & 11pm when we head upstairs to bed.

You and your Daddy make me laugh and laugh when you’re together. You could spend hours pulling funny faces at eachother, doing silly dances and chatting away. The moment he walks through the door he has your attention and you adore him just as much as he adores you. You make my heart sing!

We had an incredibly busy week last week with play dates and parties galore! On Friday we met up with our due date buddies, Jess & baby George and then on Saturday we saw Jennie & Baby Edie – both catch ups turned into mammoth shopping trips too! IMG_1177

6 week baby update 5


We also had your Great Grandma’s birthday party Saturday afternoon and you were such a good girl as it was such a hot and long day. IMG_1204

As for your tummy bump that came up last week, it seems to have gone completely and we’re yet to hear from the hospital about your referral. I’m hoping that the doctor will give you a good check over tomorrow at our six week check and put my mind a bit more at ease.

I say it every week, but you are an absolute dream of a baby! I have a feeling you are luring us into a false sense of security for any furture siblings!

florence ivy 130720172

florence ivy 130720174

6 weeks old

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