Florence’s Four Week Baby Update

Florence’s Four Week Baby Update

Thank goodness for cooler weather! I finally have my happy, chilled out baby back and you’re so much more relaxed now that we’re not cooped up in one room with a whole load of fans blowing and can get out and about without worrying about being too hot! You are such a funny little thing, I am loving watching your little personality develop. You make the funniest faces and talk and gurgle away to us something tells me you’re going to be quite the chatter box – your poor Daddy!   You are also so incredibly cuddly and at your happiest when in our arms, which we can’t complain too much about – you’re just so huggable! 4 WEEKS OLD 5

Florence Ivy 270620172

Your love for music is growing by the day and while Mummy prefers something a bit gentle you’ve become quite taken to Daddy’s Metalica / Linkin Park / 5 finger death punch playlist. When you’re super unsettled a quick rendition of ‘5 little speckled frogs’ is our go to remedy!

You are getting bigger by the second, I swear! You’ve grown out of some more of your newborn baby grows and your little jeans are now like ankle swingers but I am determined to keep you in new born for as long as possible. Yesterday you just about squeezed into your first ever outfit! I am going to have you in it as much as possible because I love it so so much! IMG_0939

On Saturday we spent the day with your great Uncle Steven & Aunty Sarah who came to see us. You definitely seem to melt every single person you meet and they were no exception!

On Sunday we made an impromptu trip to the seaside. It was your first time to the beach and we had a lovely family day out in Herne Bay walking along the sea front. We had fish & chips and then headed to a little open air cafe for ice cream. florence ivy 25062017


We finally bought some garden furniture so on Monday we spent the day in the garden. You are quite the nordic napper! We took your Shnuggle moses basket out there and you loved kicking about in the fresh air and snoozing in the shade while Mummy caught up on some work. You still (just about) fit into Mummy’s favourite baby grow from Boots Mini Club, however you don’t seem as keen as each time you’ve worn it you’ve either peed, pooped or puked all over it and Monday was no exception!

Aunty Libby came over in the afternoon for some cuddles and with Uncle Harry, cleaned our kitchen from top to bottom. They ended up staying for dinner and watched a movie. It’s quite lovely having them so close by. You absolutely adore your Aunty and while she’s a bit bored because you’re not talking yet, she loves you to bits too. IMG_0936

Yesterday we headed into town to see Donna & Josh and shop the sales to get your wardrobe kitted out for September onwards. We *may* have picked up a few bits & bobs for now too. We met Nanny for lunch before coming home for an afternoon of cuddles at home. Whenever we go into town people just swarm towards you. You are quite the celebrity baby as your Nanny & Granny know so many people in town!

Daddy was home early from work today and as I’ve come down with a rotten cold you’ve spent most of the day chatting and cuddling the day away with him. You really do love him.

We have been making some plans for your first holiday. With our trip to Germany being cancelled (Daddy’s still going, but they’re making it a boys thing!) and us not going to Hayling Island any more we decided to go away for Mummy’s birthday so we’ve booked a beautiful cottage in Cornwall for the week, with Nanny, Aunty Libby & Uncle Harry coming along for the ride. You’ll be nearly six months old by then!

I think that’s about it for this week little one, we’ve been taking it fairly easy again and I am soaking up every single second of your early days. You’re snoring away on my lap as I type.  How are  you possibly almost one month old!? IMG_09914 WEEKS OLD 4

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