Florence’s Five Week Baby Update

Florence’s Five Week Baby Update

I’m a day late with this one again Poppet, the weeks just seem to be racing away at the moment and I can’t believe you’re already five whole weeks old! Again we’ve packed rather a lot into the last seven days with lots of visitors, a lunch date in town, going to your first birthday party, a day out with Donna & Joshua and a billion cuddles not to mention today’s unexpected trip to the doctors! (I will get to that bit in a minute).
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You already seem so big to us! You’re so super duper long but still don’t quite fit into 0-3m clothes so we’re exhausting mothercare’s up to 1 month range and Boots Mini Kids as I can’t find anywhere else that sells anything that fits you! You have been busy practicing your best smiley faces and you’ve now learned how to poke your tongue out! We weren’t sure whether you would be able to do it with your tongue tie but you definitely aren’t being stopped by anything. Such a determined little thing.19832388_10155531089412990_911425378_n19724274_10155531125017990_292728600_o

You’re amazingly strong and while we probably don’t do dedicated tummy time as much as we should, you can push yourself up and stay there for ages – especially on Mama’s chest. You remind us of a little turtle. When you fall asleep on me or Daddy you are such a wiggler and wiggle your way into what look like the most uncomfortable positions but get so cross if we move you!

You seem to have made friends with Alfie for sure. Wherever you are, he goes and sometimes I end up with both of you on my lap!



We used our baby carrier for the first time this week and Mama is a definite baby wearing convert! It makes getting out of the house so much easier and means we can walk the dog just us two too. While your pushchair is still fab and we use it for longer days out & shopping you love being snuggled up close to Mama on the go.19873626_10155531089377990_1088644881_n


While technically this should go in next weeks update, we’ve had a bit of an eventful day here. Mama found a lump on your tummy, fairly high up. It was soft & squishy to touch and I could move it a little but after a quick phone chat with Granny I decided to book you in to see the doctor to see what was going on. He wasn’t really sure what it is, and so has referred you to the hospital to have your tummy scanned so they can see if there’s anything strange going on in there. 5 weeks old 2

We might have to wait 2 weeks before we get a date for your scan. Safe to say we’re a bit worried but trying not to get too stressed. Daddy came home early and we’ve had a look and it seems to have gone down so we’re just keeping an eye on you over the next few days and if it comes back we’re going to head to the hospital to see what they say. Two weeks is a long time to just sit & worry!

We love you little one. More and more each and every day. 5 weeks old 3

5 weeks old 4


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