5 weeks post partum – an honest account of my feelings & symptoms after birth

5 weeks post partum – an honest account of my feelings & symptoms after birth

I’ve been giving this post a lot of thought over the last few weeks and while some parts might be a bit TMI I wanted to share my experiences in the weeks following William’s birth as some things came as a bit of a surprise to me.

I was very lucky (I appreciate this even more now) that after Florence was born I bounced back pretty much immediately. I was up and out by day three, I stopped bleeding after a week and aside from the addition of a tiny human everything went back to normal very quickly. This time however, has been completely different and it’s come as a bit of a shock – especially after such a straight forward and ‘picturesque’ birth. I’ve been getting so frustrated that I can’t just go out and about and get stuff done the way I expected to and at times that’s left me feeling really rubbish and downhearted. I put an attempt in at a trip into town with the children the other day and it turned out to be a complete disaster.

Heavy bleeding

I lost a lot of blood in the days following William’s birth – way more than I did with Florence – and I was getting through maternity pads every two hours. I think the loss of blood contributed to me feeling quite weak in the days after birth and I was constantly pale. It was quite alarming if I’m honest and I bought it up with the midwives and health visitors both at the maternity unit and during my home visits with the midwife and the health visitor, but thankfully, by day 10 it started to slow down and now at 5 weeks post partum, it has stopped completely.

Sore bits!

My labour & birth was so quick that my body, let alone vagina, didn’t really get much chance to prepare itself for what was actually happening. By some miracle, I didn’t need any stitches and only suffered a first degree tear but the healing time was an awful lot longer than anyone had prepared me for. I could barely sit down for a week, maybe longer, without being in a lot of pain. In fact, after William was delivered and I was moved to the couch, I couldn’t physically sit because I felt like I was still at that stage where he was coming out. Thank goodness for paracetamol,  ibuprofen & Spritz for bits is all I can say! 

After Pains

Oh my, the after pains! Typically you don’t get them after your first baby, and while everyone says about them with second babies I really underestimated how much they would hurt. They were like contractions but without the incentive of a baby at the end and lasted a couple of days. They were so incredibly intense to begin with and started pretty much immediately after birth.

No bladder control

I’ve never had a particularly strong bladder, but since having William, my bladder control is shot! To start with, I had no control at all which led to a few rather embarrassing accidents in the first weeks after he was born and it’s only just started to improve now. I’ve been sent a pelvic floor aid which I am going to be testing out and reporting back on the results here on the blog in a couple of weeks so I am hoping to have all good things to say.

Physical Exhaustion

You expect to be nackered when you have a newborn, after all there’s not very much sleep up for grabs in the early days, but I’ve never experienced this type of physical exhaustion until William was born. It was constant for the first couple of weeks, I struggled simply walking around the house and if I even so much as lifted Florence it would leave me practically useless for the rest of the day. Still now, I feel like I’ve been beaten black and blue from the inside if I over do it (sometimes that’s just taking a walk down the road) and everything feels heavy and achey, especially down there.

Despite all the difficulties, becoming a Mother of two has been as wonderful as I hoped it would be. I just wanted to share the realities of how the post natal period can be, as truthfully, this time around it completely knocked me for six.

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