The Me and Mine Project {November 2017}

The Me and Mine Project {November 2017}

I feel like we have really turned a corner as a family this month. While I might still be in a bit of denial at times, our teeny tiny baby is now a chatty, climbing, almost crawling six month old and it would seem that the newborn haze is well behind us. Sleep might not be quite as frequent as it once was and our house might look like a Toys R Us warehouse but we seem to be getting into the groove of this parenting lark.

I think those early days of parenting must be quite difficult for Dads. A mother’s instinct kicks in immediately once your baby is here, suddenly you just know what your doing, or can wing it,  but for a Dad I can imagine it must be a little overwhelming. Afterall, all the focus for the first few months is on the new baby and her Mama. In most cases the Mum’s are the ones who spend the most time with her, with Dad’s going back to work after a couple of weeks and so it’s no suprise really that they don’t get as many opportunities to bond with eachother.  Until very recently Florence was reliant on me and me alone and as Sean was working long hours every single day for a good couple of month I became the only person who could settle her, and once the witching hour (7pm onwards)  started the only person she would go to at all!

November, however, has been filled to the brim with quality family time. Not only has Sean been working a lot more sociable hours & less weekends, we went on our first family holiday down to Cornwall. It’s meant that together we could just ‘be’ without rushing around or worrying about work or chores or anything other than just enjoying each other’s company. It has been lovely to see the bond between Florence and her Daddy just get stronger and stronger. They are like partners in crime and something tells me that in years to come they are going to get up to a lot of mischief together. She loves a Daddy cuddle and quite often now will fall asleep with him of an evening.

We have some very special memories of our little holiday, and this month’s family portraits were taken at Holy Well Bay, a beautiful little beach near Perranporth where we spent several afternoons walking the dogs, spotting jelly fish, exploring caves, chasing rainbows and more. It’s a place I think we will return to again and again. So peaceful and calm and just beautiful. While there’s not one photo where we are all looking in the same direction, these are ones I will treasure for a very long time. Even the dog joined in!





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