5 Ways to get stuff done with a Toddler in tow

5 Ways to get stuff done with a Toddler in tow

A Mama’s work is never done is it? I seem to have this never ending to do list filled with all of the things I *should* be doing, need to get done, but frankly some days I barely even make a start. Since Florence started walking, I  it’s pretty difficult to do anything productive without two little hands coming along with me and wanting to know exactly what I am up to or needing me for something else, generally leading to there being lots of half finished jobs dotted around the house and me feeling like I’ve achieved next to nothing at by the end of the day as well as feeling guilty that I’ve only given Florence half of the attention she needs. I have however, over time, come up with a few different ways to make the whole thing a little easier for both of us.

Enlist their help

What is it with toddlers and washing machines? Florence is obsessed with ours and while sometimes her interest in the buttons can be a bit of a nuisance I’ve actually found a way to make the most of her fascination with the most used appliance in our house… get her to help load & unload. Likewise, if I’m dusting or cleaning I give her a baby wipe or a cloth  and she follows me around copying me as I go. She loves getting stuck in and feeling like she’s helping out.

Use products that work

It’s all very well getting but is there anything more annoying than having to do a job twice because the product you used didn’t do the job well enough the first time? Making an investment in the right cleaning products (rather than a bunch of expensive ineffective ones) has honestly reduced my housework load and means I get more time to spend with Florence! You can see my review of the Nimble range here. Full disclosure — I have not been asked to include their products in this post! 

There’s no harm in a bit of Screen Time

There, I said it. Not everyone will agree with me but sometimes relying on a couple of episodes of Hey Duggee to distract your little one while you run the vacuum around or have a quick tidy up is all you need.

Set up simple play activities to keep them busy

The beauty of simple 10 minute play activities! One of my go to time buyers is sitting her down near me while I fold the laundry and giving her some buttons & a money box! She loves to post the buttons through the hole and then shake them all back out again once she’s done. When I’m making lunch or cleaning the kitchen, I tend to pop her in the highchair and give her some colouring to do or a magazine from the shop!

Wait until Nap Time

Okay, so it’s not always entirely practical or possible, but if I often find myself whizzing around the house trying to do everything I can or cramming in some work in the hour that Florence sleeps during the day. 

So, while I still don’t manage to get everything done that I need to, using a combination of these does help! I hope these tips come in handy for you too.

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3 thoughts on “5 Ways to get stuff done with a Toddler in tow”

  • Great tips, as a mum of two I can definitely agree with these! We also do tablet time and I have been using Amazon for Kids as it lets me preload content like books, programs and games etc that I know are safe (and often education too) so they are preloaded and ready to go if needed.

  • This is such a great post for parents, i can imagine it can be quite challenging sometimes with a toddler to get things done! xo

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