Florence’s First Snow

Florence’s First Snow

I’m not sure if you’ve heard… but it’s a bit snowy around here at the moment. Usually the thought of snow absolutely fills me with dread. I am much more of a sandals in the sun kind of girl as opposed to a walker in a winter wonderland. However, despite my determination to stay indoors and in the warm, my sister had other ideas and bounded around to our house filled with the excitement of a 5 year old and insisted we head out and play! We bundled Florence up nice and snug in the carrier and headed out to explore. It was snowing quite heavily as we left and she giggled and waved with excitement as the flakes fell from the sky and landed on her nose. Stopping at the local ‘tat shop’ as I like to call it to pick up a sledge we made our way to our local cricket pavillion. The green was untouched and covered in a blanket of fluffy white snow.

florence's first snow 4

florence's first snow 3

It was so cold! I took Florence out of the carrier and placed her down on the floor. She really wasn’t sure to begin with and just sat there a bit perplexed. Not only was the snow all a bit new to her, her snowsuit is so padded she can hardly move once it’s on. Tilly & Alfie on the other hand were in their element! They ran and rolled and leaped through the snow making Florence fall about with laughter and she soon began to seem a bit happier. She watched as we threw snowball after snowball for the dogs to chase after only for them to land disperse and despite my bets efforts to stop her, she thought she’d have a quick taste of the snow too!
florence's first snow 6

florence's first snow 5

After a quick ride in the sledge (clearly an essential buy!), we came back home to warm up and have some lunch. I’d planned to have soup but living opposite the fish & chip shop means that you can rarely walk by without inhaling that glorious salty chip aroma and so we decided upon a portion of chips instead! florence's first snow 2florence's first snow 7

We were all warmed up again when Sean & Harry arrived home and so we decided to head back out to the Green all together. However Sean had different ideas and lead the way through the countryside in search of the perfect hill to sledge down. We walked miles! The boys were up in front with the dogs while Libby, Florence & I followed behind. It’s safe to say my sister isn’t that fond of walking anywhere – she much prefers to be chauffer driven whereever she goes – so she made it no secret that she wasn’t too thrilled to be passing all of these lovely hills which in her view would be just as good.

florence's first snow 10

I had Florence in the carrier again and I’ll admit by the time we almost reached the top I was so out of breath. Sean suggested I get in the sledge so he could pull us up but it didn’t take long before I hit a bump and fell right back out. We really laughed! Florence didn’t seem in any way phased by the whole thing, she just sat contently in her i-angel singing away to herself. florence's first snow 18

florence's first snow 11

We finally reached the top to find that the hill Sean had had his sights on was completely free of snow! You can imagine my sisters face! She insisted on being pulled back down on the sledge and screamed the entire time she was on it because snow was getting in. We all laughed as she zoomed down all by herself shouting “somebody help meeeeeee!”. florence's first snow 16

florence's first snow 17

About half way down we found a little steep slope and each had a go at sledging down it.

florence's first snow 9

By the time we were almost at the bottom, Florence was exhausted and the combination of the cold & being outside for most of the day finally caught up with her and so she got herself in quite a pickle until she fell sound asleep on my chest.

We had such a fun day in the snow and aside from the very end I think Florence’s first snow was enjoyed by all! With more of the white stuff forecast for the rest of the week, I’m sure we’ll be back out in at some point.

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