Florence’s 6 month update

Florence’s 6 month update

So I’ve been a bit lapse on the whole baby update front just lately. Sorry poppet. I honestly cannot believe that you are six months old little girl, you are growing quicker than I can keep up with. In the last six weeks or so, you have become cheekier, even more determined than before and all in all such a joy to be around. That’s not to say you don’t throw a tantrum, my goodness, you have wobs to rival your Aunty Libby if you can’t have exactly what you want immediately.

You are so so nearly crawling. It’s quite frustrating for you at the moment because you so want to be on the move properly and getting in to absolutely everything but you’ve just not quite mastered the whole coordination thing just yet. It won’t be long though and I am both excited and dreading it all at the same time! In lieu of crawling you’ve rediscovered rolling so if you really want to get somewhere you will attempt to rolly polly your way there instead. This makes changing your nappy or trying to get you dressed a whole lot more… interesting. You’ve also discovered a talent I didn’t realise would come this early – climbing! You can climb your way on and off laps and furniture, up the side of your cot even which is definitely keeping us on our toes. This week you’ve even started standing up holding the side of the sofa. You’re growing so fast little lady and are far too clever for your own good!   Florence's Baby's First Christmas Photo shoot

You’ve taken a liking to pretty much any item you aren’t allowed – Mama’s phone, the tv remotes, the hoover hose, tissues.. you name it, you want it. You’ve also rediscovered your hands and spend ages just watching them move around, you do the funniest little royal wave when you’re drinking your milk.

You absolutely love food. We decided to wean you early because you were just so hungry and intrigued by our dinners and we made the right decision! We started with pureed fruits & veg, which you scoffed down with no problem and we’ve slowly introduced some finger foods too. This last week or so you’ve gone up to three meals a day and love dairy lea sandwiches! 6 month update

You are chattier than ever and have ‘Da da da da’ down to a tee. You especially like to chant it at around 11pm when you probably should be asleep. You’ve now also perfected your raspberry technique and give them such gusto! Your whole face looks like it might explode and then out comes this very cute pouty raspberry. You are such a funny little bean.

Hallowe’en seems so long ago now, but it’s been that long since I last wrote your update! We went Pumpkin picking to the place we took our photos for our pregnancy reveal and did lots of spooky play. Image

We went on your first proper family holiday for Mama’s birthday. Nanny, Auntie Libs & Harry joined us too, and you just had the best time! You were the centre of attention all week, had your first play on a sandy beach and adored having your Daddy around every day to play. IMG_4986



I made a little video about what we got up to there and am so glad we captured so many precious memories of our time away. I hope you will look back and enjoy watching it when you’re older.

We’ve also been busy getting ready for your first Christmas, which will no doubt be heavily recorded on here and instagram. I am so excited to be spending our first Christmas together, you have been my Christmas wish for so long! You are already loving all of the lights and songs and you’ve been helping me wrap up some of the presents by bashing me with the wrapping paper tube. It’s a very important job I tell you. Christmas Discovery Box 4

Florence Baby's First Christmas 2


As always darling girl, you are just lighting up our lives and making your Mama & Daddy so unbelievably proud. We love you so very much. x

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