Florence’s 7 Week Baby Update

Florence’s 7 Week Baby Update

We’re now seven weeks into your little life and you are growing so much before our eyes. You’re officially now out of Newborn clothes and well into your 0-3m wardrobe and you now have those gorgeous little rolls on your legs everyone talks about. It must be all that milk!  I’m off to get you weighed again today as the Health Visitor forgot to bring her scales & measuring thingy when she came to see us on Tuesday. IMG_1558

Compared to last week we’ve had a considerably quieter few days which I think has been well needed! We had our six week check on Friday and both got a clean bill of health and you were such a good girl putting up with all the prodding and poking. Flower Baby Names

We headed out super early to the Next sale on Saturday and picked up quite a haul for your wardrobe. 7 Weeks Old

After our early start we popped over to Uncle Dean & Aunty Tasha’s house and we both fell sound asleep on their sofa! Oops! IMG_1396

On Sunday we headed out to Penshurst Place to take a look around the Volks Weald car show with Daddy, Grandad and Aunty Libby. Mama has her eye on a VW camper for us to go adventuring in! You were pretty much centre of attention while we had our lunch as everyone who walked passed made a fuss of you and even the dogs who were there came and had a sniff. You steal the show where ever you go little lady!  You loved having a kick about in the hay and taking in all the bright colours, not to mention being carried around the Maize Maze. VOLKS WEALD 18


We’ve had some super sunny days and so we’ve had a few mornings out in the garden. You really do love being outside. IMG_1543You are most definitely a morning person and at your smiliest as soon as you wake up for the day. You’re also SUCH a fidget bum and wriggle from the moment you wake up to the moment you go to bed!  You’re sleeping through from 10pm to around 5am at the moment you clever little poppet – must be all that moving about tiring you out. This week you’ve been busy finding your hands and feet and having all sorts of fun checking them out. 20217018_10155585053417990_1261551847_n

You provide your Daddy with hours of fun and I often find you sitting with strange objects balancing on your head or dressed in funny clothes but you don’t seem to mind. He makes up for it in cuddles!




Alfie is becoming much more used to you now and loves to just be near you and sniff your toes from time to time. You love watching him and touching his fur.


You’re growing far too fast little girl and I’m desperately trying to soak in every single second.

Flower Baby Names 3

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