Florence’s 23 month update – one month ’til 2!

Florence’s 23 month update – one month ’til 2!
Little Florence. Look how you’ve grown! We are on the countdown to your second birthday and I’m in a little bit of disbelief that this time next month I’ll be the mum of a 2 year old! So much has changed for you in the last few months, but the biggest thing of all was becoming a big sister – a role you’ve taken pretty much in your stride. Granted there have been a few instances where sibling jealousy kicked in (more on that later) but for the most part, you have been so very gracious. The love you have for William absolutely fills my heart and I truly think that you were born to be a big sister!
We had a couple of particularly challenging weeks this month when it came to behaviour and boundary pushing but I think it was just a delayed reaction to William’s arrival, boredom and our complete lack in routine. We’ve returned to a couple of classes we had stopped and I’m packing our weeks full of days out and play dates and it’s made all of the difference to your mood and definitely decreased the tantrums… which by the way are fierce! 
Now that the summer is showing signs of arriving we’ve been spending the days we are at home in the garden. Nanny has made a little play area for you out in the garden so you (and William) can play without being interrupted by the dogs.
We have also made some new friends who are local to us so have been to a few things with them too. I was feeling all the mum guilt about you not really having many little friends so it’s been lovely to watch you play with them.
You are learning so much so fast just lately and have now mastered naming & identifying colours, can count up to 9 and you’re vocabulary is just growing & growing. You chat away constantly and can hold a sort of conversation in your own little way. I still have to translate for people who aren’t with you all the time but I’m so proud of how you’ve suddenly come on with your speech. You also now sing along to your favourite songs, Baa Baa black sheep, incy wincy spider, Mary Mary Quite Contrary & twinkle twinkle – it is unbelievably cute. Not to mention Sleepy Bunnies! 
You love to speak on the phone to anyone who will listen. If ever anyone phones mummy or daddy you tend to steal the phone, walk off and chat away to who ever is on the other end for ages.
You love drawing and glueing and painting. You’ve definitely inherited your Daddy’s creative genes! 
You have begun to really get lost in your play. You take your teddies & dollies for picnics, make us all tea & cake about 100 times a day and happily take your Hey Duggee figures on little adventures around the house. I love watching you play and act out different scenarios with your toys. 
We decided to try and see if having a duvet rather than your Grobags might help you stay a bit more settled overnight so I ordered you a special Hey Duggee bedding set and a little cot bed duvet. You love it and now only wake up once or twice each night which is a big improvement.
You’re mad as a hatter, a wonderful whirlwind, feisty & wise and our perfect little girl. We love you little one, more than you know. Here’s to your last month as a one year old!
Mama x
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