Florence’s 20 Month Update

Florence’s 20 Month Update

Ah Florence, it’s your last update before you become a big sister and I’m feeling all emotional about it. You are the person who made me a Mama. You filled a hole in my heart that I’d felt for such a long time and when you arrived in the world you gave me a purpose I never had before. Little girl, you made my dreams come true and these last 20 months have been the best of my life so far. You’re about to be joined by another, another keeper of Mama’s heart and I just know that while it’s going to be a big adjustment for you, you are going to be such an amazing big sister. 

We’ve had a bit of an eventful couple of months since I wrote your last little update. Nanny was taken poorly and then once she was home your baby brother started acting like he might be making a very early appearance. You just took all the chaos in your stride though and continued to make us smile and laugh the way you always do. We have however, between the dramas and the madness managed to make some wonderful memories as a family.

We celebrated your second Christmas through December. You loved all of the lights and the sparkle and as darkness fell each evening, you’d climb up on the window, look out and exclaim ‘ooooooooo’ at the Christmas decorations hung on the houses in our road. Your sheer delight in something so simple warmed my heart and to me, made Christmas as magical as it was. 


You’ve been teething and poorly with an ear infection / various colds for much of the year so far. The winter germs this year seem to have struck us all down multiple times. You’ve become quite the expert patient though and are well practiced in shouting ‘nose!’ whenever you need your nose wiping and can wrap anyone around your finger if you pull your poorly face — even Alfie! It has meant that Mama gets a whole bunch of extra cuddles though. 

I signed you up to Baby Ballet at the beginning of the year and I am so glad I did. You love all the twirling and whirling and while you’re not 100% sure what is going on all of the time, you like to watch the other children and suss out what’s going on before joining in and trying to copy what they’re doing. I am hoping that the classes not only build on your love of dancing and music but encourage you to start making some friends. You look ever so cute in your little Ballet cardigan and pretty dresses. 

You are learning new words and skills every single day now. Your language is coming on leaps and bounds and while there’s still a LOT of work to do on your pronunciation, your vocabulary is getting bigger and bigger. Just this week you have learned to say Strawberry, Apple, Biscuit, Give it, Get it, track, juice, square, circle, paper, pen, heart, teeth, hands, bus and yogurt. Or at least your own versions of the words. Your favourite, most used word however is Stuck! The fact that you are now starting to really try to and form words has come as such a relief. You can point to different parts of your body when asked where they are and are starting to try and copy counting. We’ve been doing a lot of ‘matching’ play and you are now a pro at matching and grouping animals, and matching colours and shapes too. Watching you learn is by far the most rewarding thing ever.

You are also developing quite the imagination and love to play with your farm and little mouse house. You take your doggy for a walk on the lead around the house and love to play with your baby. 

Your attention span for stories has really grown and you like to sit and actually listen to a proper story book now rather than just look at the pictures. Our favourites at the moment are Atchoo!, Five Minute’s Peace & Little One’s Bedtime. We also read Julia Donaldson’s Katie the Kitten & Pip the Dog at least once a day. 

Anyway little girl, it’s late and your Mama is exhausted, so she’s going to come and join you in bed. You’re back in with us as you’re such a snot bug! I love you more than words could say.

Mama x

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