Florence’s 18 Month Update

Florence’s 18 Month Update

Today you turned 18 months old – a whole year and a half and it seems that at the moment you are learning and changing so much that if I blink I am afraid I will miss it! It’s really hard to list all of the things you’ve learned these last couple of months because you’ve just learned and come on so much. Your words are becoming a lot clearer by the day and you have ‘NO’ down to a tee — complete with head shake. You have finally mastered all of the actions to ‘Wind the Bobbin Up‘ and ‘Heads, Shoulders, Knees and Toes‘ and now proudly show us where your eyes, ears, nose and mouth are.  We are working on colours and counting and learning more animal noises. Your latest favourite animal noise to make is the fish after our trip to the garden centre a little while ago. 

We’ve had Daddy around a lot more than normal as work has been a bit on the quiet side. You have become quite the Daddy’s girl as he makes you laugh all the time and is very good at throwing you up in the air and catching you which you think is hilarious! He’s also a complete pushover when it comes to you and your big fluttering eyelashes when you want to watch Hey Duggee on his phone. I think between you, you have watched every episode ever made. 

The thing I am most proud of over the last couple of months is the way you have finally started to try and make friends with other children. Until now, you’ve really not been that fussed, preferring to chat and play with adults over other little people and it was something that had begun to worry me a little. You are such an outgoing little thing and so it’s been so lovely to watch you begin to play and interact with the other children in our family and while out at classes and soft play. Sharing is still a bit of a sticky subject, but you’re getting there. We have spent a lot of time overthe last few weeks with your Auntie Donna and Joshua & baby Charlie and it’s been an absolute joy to see your little friendships grow. 

You have always been at your happiest when able to roam free and the fact that we can literally step out of our back garden in to the park has meant that on even the most dreary of days we’ve managed to get out and run around. You are a pro on the slide but most of all love to stomp back and forth along the bridge in the play area. 

You’ve taken a real interest in playing with cars and trains and other vehicles. We never leave the house without at least one in my bag and you gleefully shout JOO! JOO! whenever you wheel them around — it is very sweet. You also love to colour and draw and I am so impressed by your ability to hold a pencil like an absolute pro. There’s all that Fine Motor Skill practice paying off! You have been in practice for big sister duties and strut around the house pushing your big cuddly panda in your little pushchair, feeding him your juice and raisins when you feel the need.

You’ve been poorly quite a lot this last couple of months and it seems the winter germs have hit and came in thick and fast. From a nasty case of croup to a urine infection as well as what we think was stomach flu you’ve really been through the mill! Along with illness came a whole bunch of late nights and a serious lack of sleep all around but with any luck we are over the worst and we have a healthy Christmas and start to 2019 ahead of us. 


We have managed a couple of adventures though and went Pumpkin Picking at Pumpkin Moon and to visit the animals at Little Fant Farm which I think is a place we are going to be spending a LOT of time there in the Spring when your brother arrives as you LOVE to run around and talk to the animals and they do pretty good cake too! Your Aunty Tasha & I threw you and Maisie a little Hallowe’en party and we went to your first ‘real’ firework display too. 

You have a new favourite spot… the window sill. You spend hours and hours sitting up there, watching the world go by, waving at everyone who walks past. More often than not you are joined by Alfie and Tilly up there. You and Alfie even have a little routine going on where you howl together over and over at least twice a day! 

Another of your favourite things to do is to join Aunty Libby for your 4pm dance off in the living room. You bop and drop and wave your arms around and are just SO happy while you do it. You still continue to make us laugh with your funny antics and your amazing sense of humour. Your facial expressions are enough to cheer someone out of the worst of moods.

So, little girl, the next time I write you a little update you will hopefully be just days away from becoming a big sister. Wowee. Where has that time gone? I love you more than words can say and as ever I cannot wait to see what you learn and achieve and become in the coming months.

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