Florence’s 16 Month Update

Florence’s 16 Month Update

Oh little Florrie bum. You are 16 months old – going on 16 years – and have grown so so much over the past four months. It has been my absolute pleasure to watch you become the little clever sass pants that you are.

We had a glorious and incredibly hot summer filled with adventure and days in the garden. You are at your happiest when able to run around and delight in the freedom of being outside.

We also had some pretty exciting news at the beginning of summer – you’re going to be a big sister! Growing your baby brother in those early days made Mama quite poorly and some days pretty useless. I am so proud of the way that you, at such a young age, could see that Mama couldn’t always run around and play the way she usually does and how you just got on with it and played so beautifully between sofa snuggles. Now that I’m feeling a lot more like myself, my focus is on making as many memories with you as I can before he arrives and preparing you for the ever so important role of big sister, which frankly, I think you’re going to ace!

My favourite thing about being your Mama is watching you learn and figure out something new. It seems since you turned one, you’ve been non stop learning and I’m amazed at just how clever you are every single day. You have started to act out and copy the things we do – making ‘cups of tea’, pushing your teddies around in your pushchair, walking around with your handbag packed to the brim with random objects and toys. You can solve little puzzles and use your shape sorters without getting as frustrated. I often find you playing little games that you’ve made up with your toys –  usually involving emptying one basket of things in to another – , you love to play catch and try to copy daddy’s juggling with such conviction that sometimes when you throw them they bop you on the head, you have perfected twerking and dance along to almost any music and are still a huge book fan. You have a new favourite game – chase! Daddy says “ready….” and you shout “GO!”, running as fast as your little legs will take you into the next room and back again filled with glee and giggles.

For a long while, I was a little worried about your speech but over the last few months you’ve proved I needn’t have been as you now chatter proper words non stop! As well as repeatedly singing ‘Mumma’ all day long (I will add that you appear to have picked up that my name is Ami and sometimes slip that in in place of Mumma!) , you have around 25 words that we can at least recognise, not to mention your vast range of animal sounds.

Speaking of animals, you are completely obsessed! You love going to the farm, cuddling and playing with Alfie & Tilly and would happily read your animal books all day long. If ever we are out and you see a cat or a dog or a bird you squeal with excitement. Me and your Daddy think you might like to be a vet or something similar when you’re older. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a child your age more compassionate and understanding of animals! 

In the last four months we have moved back to Nanny’s house for a while so that we can save some money to buy our own house. You have adjusted so so well to your new surroundings and to living in an even fuller house. We had to make a few adjustments to bedtime as you were struggling at night but other than that you have just gone along with it.

You are Hey Duggee & Secret life of Pet’s number one fan! I feel like I could probably recite the entire script of both.

You love strawberries, anything chocolatey and would likely fight anyone to the death if they stood in between you and a blueberry. Yogurts are your favourite dessert and you’d eat your weight in pizza if we let you.

We went on holiday with your Grandma and Grandad and your Aunties & Uncles to the Isle of Wight. You had a whale of a time, lapping up all of the attention and playing with your baby cousin. Mama & Daddy were set on making sure we made the most of our family time, so we planned lots of Florence friendly days out as well as going swimming, trips to the park and dancing at the kids club. You seemed to grow so much in confidence that week! 

You are hilariously funny, sassy and, oh my word, you know your own mind. No day is ever the same with you around and while sometimes you drive us a little bonkers, you never fail to fill our days with joy.

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