Florence is 3 months old!

Florence is 3 months old!

Little Florence,  it would seem you are longer a teeny tiny newborn. You’re growing at a rate of knots and this last month you have continued to surprise us with how quickly you are coming into your own. At 2 months old you are absolutely full of character and unbelievably cheeky! IMG_2486

You are almost ALWAYS smiling and you’re so so close to giggling!

3 months old 2

It’s been a month of meeting new friends.IMG_2150

And going on new adventures.


We went to Northampton to the balloon festival with Nanny & Aunty Libby and this weekend we went to the Farm for the first time. Little Fant Farm 5

You have always been strong and determined to learn something new! You are absolutely aceing tummy time these days, getting more and more confident as the days go by and you’ve even shuffled towards a toy a couple of times. Supported by a cushion or one of our laps, you sit up for 10 seconds or so before you fall back down. I’m not sure that’s what you’re supposed to be doing at 3 months old just yet but we’re just going with it!

3 months old 5

3 months old 3

You’ve mastered grasping small objects and happily sit watching them as you move them around. This also includes Mama’s hair! It seems you have taken quite a liking to holding on to handfuls of my hair and refusing to let go just in time for it to all start falling out. Thanks Poppet!


You’re so much more into toys now and are happy to play for longer periods of times. Our sensory play classes have inspired me to set up different themes of play each week and you’re loving exploring new toys & textures. You love to play with foil and scrunch sensory scarves in your hand. Your Octopus is still a favourite along with miss butterfly and your rainmaker shaker thingy.



3 months old 4

You are still a fab sleeper, sleeping through from 10pm – 6/7am most nights. There really is nothing that warms my heart more than that huge smile you give me as I lean over your crib in the mornings. Lately you’ve been fighting sleep during the day and often only a Mummy cuddle will do. I sing to you and hold you close until you doze off.

You really are our little sunshine, our little wildflower.

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