Florence is four (and a bit) months old

Florence is four (and a bit) months old

I cannot believe just how much you have grown over the last six weeks. It seems like you are learning something new every single day. You are sitting up unsupported for longer lengths of time, are so much happier and willing to play on your tummy, have learned to blow raspberries, perfected your giggles (though you only save them for Aunty Libby and the dog, despite Mummy & Daddy’s best efforts to make you laugh!) and are chatting more than ever!
Garden baby play 3



At around 3 and a half months you started to become quite unsettled and while we tried a few different things, it soon became evident that you were getting hungry more quickly. We added an extra bottle into your days but that still didn’t quite do the trick and so at 16.5 weeks old, you had your first taste of food! It’s safe to say weaning is going well – You LOVE food, and get so excited when you see me coming from the kitchen with your little bowl. You bash the table on your Bumbo with such ferocity if I’ve taken too long to get the next spoonful ready. I didn’t realise just how much I would enjoy your weaning journey, but I love preparing your food and seeing your reactions to different flavors. The only one you’re not overly sure on yet is Broccoli. IMG_3871

Keen to be a part of the action, you’ve had one of your Christmas presents early – a Jumperoo, which you LOVE. It’s so funny watching you bounce up and down with your little legs going ten to the dozen. Along with your Bumbo, this is probably where you spend the majority of your time if not being cuddled. You love being upright and higher up, feeling more involved in the conversation. It would seem laying down is soooooo overrated. Four Months Old

They are the perfect Alfie stalking spots too! You love to watch him and keep an eye on what he’s up to and it’s so lovely to watch your relationship with him grow. You love to stroke him and just rest your hands on his back and he is more than happy to let you. He is your number one protector, very rarely far from your side. IMG_3833


You’re quite the Mummy’s girl at the moment Flo and I suppose considering we spend every single day together, it’s no suprise just lately that you’re struggling a little bit when I am out of sight. With those pesky teeth causing you trouble and as you’re riding the waves of the latest leap it seems you can settle few places other than Mama’s arms. Poor Daddy hardly gets a look in what with work and your evening grumps! Though you do light up as he enters the room and apparently he’s the perfect audience for your raspberry blowing performances. It’s also quite fun to watch him play Crash Bandicoot on the Play Station.

Four Months Old

It’s been a fairly quiet few weeks in between your Christening, our trip to London and a couple of visits to Little Fant Farm. We’ve spent our days mainly playing at home with the occasional trip out with Aunty Donna & Joshua – who by the way is your number one fan!




You are still as funny & cheeky as ever, never failing to brighten up our days – even when you decide 3 am is the best time to party. (Thank you 4 month sleep regression!) Being your Mum is by far the best thing I’ve everdone and I can’t wait to watch you grow & learn some more. IMG_4209 IMG_4235

four months old

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