DIY Summer Cake Smash / First Birthday Photo shoot

DIY Summer Cake Smash / First Birthday Photo shoot

Last week, in preparation for Florence’s first birthday we headed out to a local park for a little DIY First Birthday photo shoot and an attempt at a cake smash. Having turned to Pinterest for some inspiration, I knew exactly the look I was after.

Florence wore a pink stripe romper from H&M. We borrowed a white teepee from our friends and took along a white bed sheet to use as a blanket. I laid some pink roses close by and hung some ivy around the entrance to the teepee to symbolise her name – Florence Ivy. We took two balloons – a giant silver ‘1’ and a pink latex balloon.

Florence adores Teddy bears & soft toys at the moment so I thought it’d be a nice idea to include some of our favourites in here too. I set them up like a little teddy bears picnic. Each of them have their own little story as to why they’re special to us – one used to be mine as a little girl, one is a collectors bear that Sean and I bought years ago for our future babies, another is a bear from my childhood and the bunny is Florence’s First Build – a – Bear that my mum bought her.

And then for the cake. I chose this pink rose celebration cake from Sainsbury’s for our cake smash and placed it upon a white cake stand. Despite our best efforts, when it came to actually ‘smashing’ the cake, Florence just wasn’t interested! She just looked at us as though we were bonkers.

Instead though, we just let her play with her bears and the balloons which made for some beautiful captures, even if I do say so myself.

I shot these using the SCN, kids setting on my canon 750d. Some are zoomed in but most are not. I edited them, just a little, in PicMonkey adjusting the clarity and exposure.

And there we have it, our attempt at a DIY Cake smash / first birthday photo shoot.

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