Family fun at Kent Life Hops n Harvest Festival

Family fun at Kent Life Hops n Harvest Festival

After a particularly miserable week plagued with illness here I was determined that this weekend would be filled with memory making and quality family time to end a rather lovely summer.

The first weekend of September was always marked off in our calendar before we had babies. From the very first year Sean and I got together it became a bit of a tradition that we’d spend the day at The annual Hops & Harvest festival at Kent Life.

This year, for the first time since we had the children, we attended the festival as a family and met up with Sean’s Dad & my best friends and William’s God parents. 

There were over 20 different beers, ciders & ales on offer in the beer tent which the others sampled at leisure while I sipped on a glass of Pimms. Though there were lots of food stalls there, We took a picnic of sandwiches & Jaffa cakes & cocktail sausages – all Florence’s favourite lunch snacks.

We spent the afternoon relaxing and chatting and playing in the sunshine to the sound of the live bands playing on the main stage. Florence talked Auntie Issie into blowing bubbles and they were at it for ages while William lapped up all the attention from Uncle Charlie.

Once we had eaten all of our lunch and blown the last of the bubbles we headed to explore the rest of the farm. We painted a pig in the paint-a-pot shed and headed off to feed the animals while it dried. The cheeky goats ate all the animal food AND the paper bag! Florence thought it was very funny and very cheeky!

After a quick visit to the ‘piggies’ and ponies we went to say hello to the rabbits & guinea pigs. According to Florence They were ‘soooo cute!’.

It was nearly time to go home as by now everyone was getting a bit tired – especially William as he’d skipped his afternoon nap because he was too interested in everything going on around him but We couldn’t leave before having a bounce on the bouncy castle. Thankfully, it’s not timed or charged or anything as it’s all included in the entry fee to the farm, because Florence would have stayed on there all evening If she could have! We ended up having to bribe her with ice cream to get her off and took a wander back to the car via the ice cream hut. By the time we reached the car William had finally given in and fallen sound asleep and it wasn’t long before Florence nodded off on the way home too.

It was such a lovely day spent with our friends and the perfect end to a fun filled summer. We are very much looking forward to returning to Kent Life in October for more family fun at their Hallowe’en festivities.

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