Toy Review: Playing in a Winter Wonderland with Zimpli Kids SnoBall Play

Toy Review: Playing in a Winter Wonderland with Zimpli Kids SnoBall Play

It’s been a long time since I shared any of our tuff spot play, but today I thought I’d show you one of the Christmas play activities we’ve been loving throughout Advent. This morning I created a winter wonderland tuff spot using the SnoBall Play kit from Zimpli Kids and it provided hours of fun and play for Florence and really got us both in the Christmas mood. We even had a Christmas playlist playing in the background.

Just so you know…

*The SnoBall Play kit used in this activity was sent to us by Zimpli Kids in return for this review. We’ll be working with them over the coming weeks on some more toddler play ideas, so keep an eye out for those!

Creating a Winter Wonderland Tuff Spot with SnoBall Play

Making the SnoBall Play couldn’t have been easier. In the box, you get two 25g bags of powder which you mix with water following the instructions on the side of the box. You need about 1.4l of water per 25g bag which when mixed together makes a small mixing bowl of ‘snow’. The snow itself is of a sort of granulated jelly consistency when ready.

I poured the ‘snow’ out on to the tuff spot and it covered around half of it. I did consider making up the other packet but once Florence was playing it meant that she could sit on the dry patch bit while playing with the snow in front of her.

I added some of the Christmas characters from Florence’s HappyLand advent calendar along with the tea pot house for Santa’s grotto, fir trees and some little wooden houses to make a Christmas village. I used a blue plastic plate to make a little lake where the whale & penguins could live.

Florence loved picking up the snow in her hands and sprinkling it over the buildings and the animals and stomping around in it too. She seemed to like the texture and the coolness of the ‘snow’ in her hands and squelching it in between her toes.

The snow is mouldable and so we played at making snow castles using some stacking shapes exclaiming ‘WOW!’ every time we lifted the shape up.  We also made ‘snow angels’ using cookie cutters, watching as the snow stayed in the shape formed. 

Most of all though, Florence loved shovelling! She scooped up the snow and moved it from pile to pile, filling the different cups as well as the house up with snow and then sweeping it all out again. 

The kit, as the name suggests, is actually intended to be used to make indoor snowballs for snow play, but as Florence is younger this is just one of the alternative ways you could play with it. SnoBall Play is available to buy on Amazon, along with the rest of Zimpli Kids range here for just £3.67. 

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