DIY Sensory Spooky Slime Bags

DIY Sensory Spooky Slime Bags

We’ve had all the fun today making and playing with these Spooky sensory slime bags in the Spirit of Hallowe’en. They’re super duper easy to make and great for adding an extra element to our play.

All you need is:

A Zip Lock Bag

A bottle of Shower gel

Google Eyes

Spooky Sequins / table confetti

All you need to do is…

Open the zip lock bag and fill it about half way with your chosen shower gel / bubble bath. I used two – a lime green one and a dark green one. (The Wilko mint & basil bubble bath smells devine and is strong enough to be smelled through the sealed bag).

Add your googly eyes & sequins in and zip the bag shut. Squish the bag with your hands to move them around and spread them evenly through the bag.halloween sensory bags 4

Ways to play

Tape the bag to a floor height window for a light box effect.

Lay baby on her tummy & encourage her to pat & squish the bag to move the googly eyes around.halloween sensory bags 3

Sit your baby up (only when she’s strong enough!) supported by cushions and encourage her to lean forward & reach for the bag to play. This is Florence’s (5 months) favourite way to play at the moment. She loves bashing it with her hands & squishing it between her fingers.halloween sensory bags

NOTE: Always supervise your baby while playing with sensory bags to avoid the risk of suffocation.


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