A Week of Rainbow Play

A Week of Rainbow Play

Following on from last weeks light play, we’ve turned to a week of rainbow play exploring all things bright and colourful!

First things first, I gathered together a couple of our rainbow coloured blankets to lay on the floor. We chose our rainbow spot Snugglebundl, our Koodi Spot blanket & a super soft multi coloured blanket that Florence’s Granny made for her. These three things alone are perfect for play – full of colour to catch Florence’s eye and two completely different textures to explore her sense of touch. We also covered her Tummy Time pillow with one of the multi coloured In The Night Garden muslins from Zippy Bibs.

We used our rainbows from Florence’s bedroom. Fun to play with together or apart, we used our wooden rainbow stacker to practice her grasping skills. It’s probably a bit chunky for her at the moment and I might try and get something a bit smoother like this one from the Wooden Toy Gallery. She also loved just looking at it as I put it in different formations. We used the rainbow rattle too to get Florence to follow the jingling noise.RAINBOW PLAY 5


We have made a couple of rainbow themed sensory bottles inspired by Jennie’s DIY Discovery Bottles. This rainbow water bead sensory bottle was incredibly easy to make and really effective. Florence was mesmerised by the beads moving up and down in the bottle and we also used it as a tummy time activity by moving it back and forth along the floor while she layed on her front.RAINBOW PLAY 4

The Halilit Rainbomaker is one of Florence’s favourite toys. She loves the sound of rainfall it makes as well as watching the rainbow coloured balls fall from the top to the bottom and side to side. This is the perfect distraction tool for when Florence is a bit grumpy and is brilliant to encourage baby during tummy time, rolling it back and forth so that she can track it. RAINBOW PLAY 10

rainbow play

To link in with our upcoming weekend away to the Northampton Balloon Festival and the theme of her nursery, I hung these colourful paper lantern hot air balloons on a light up tree above her for her to watch and reach up to feel. They make a crinkly sound when touched and are a completely different texture to all of the other elements of our rainbow play.IMG_2632

Florence really loved the addition of these fabric scarves to our play. They come in a pack of ten in five different colours – perfect for or rainbow theme! She likes to clutch them in her hands and watch them shimmer in the light as she moves them. They’re also great to hang above baby to kick them or to tickle them with.


This baby loves a mirror! I propped our make up mirror up against the wall and she spent ages looking at herself and the colours around her. I placed the rainbow raindrop garland from her bedroom on the floor in front of her for her to look at when she wanted to rest her neck. RAINBOW PLAY 3

We are really looking forward to a day of rainbow play with some of Florence’s friends tomorrow when they come over for a play date. We will be adding a few more elements too including some scrunchy reflective foil, some musical instruments and Florence’s hot air balloon mobile.

It’s worth noting that some of the items we’ve used for our rainbow play are not specifically designed as toys and so it’s important that baby is supervised at all times.

You might like to play some music or sing some songs too. There are some lovely ideas for colourful songs here.


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