Indoor Flower Garden Baby Play

Indoor Flower Garden Baby Play

There’s no question about it, being outside is all the sensory play a baby needs but when the heavens open & it’s a bit too chilly for our little poppet, we have decided to bring our outdoor garden play indoors.

Instead of a blanket or play mat we used a a length of artificial grass to add a different texture to our play. Florence enjoyed scrunching the grass in her hands during tummy time. IMG_3816

Some of Florence’s favourite toys are her bugs! We love this Bright Starts butterfly and we very rarely leave the house without it – it attaches to the pushchair hood and the car seat and makes a lovely little wind chime noise. For our indoor garden play we hung ‘Miss Butterfly’  from our Shnuggle Curve Stand, just in reach so she could grab it and tap it when laying down. She loves the crunchy wings & the bright colours. Garden baby play 5

We also added her bumble bee rattle, a very cute little multi functional toy we picked up in the mothercare sale. He acts as a rattle, has wings that twist and click which are also teethers and it’s the perfect size for grasping practice and Florence enjoyed shaking it as well as doing her very best to eat him! Garden baby play 3

Garden baby play 4

We’ve introduced these cute insect teething toys into our play this week to help ease the pain of teething but they also add another sensory element being so cold and really soothe her sore gums. IMG_3920

Of course, no garden is complete without flowers! I picked up this little musical flower from Amazon and Florence absolutely loves it. It plays a lovely & calming little tune & added a lovely musical element to our play. While she has not quite figured out how to pull the cord to make the music play she reaches out for it and likes to clutch the petals which are the perfect size for little hands! garden play 2

Some of her playgro soft blocks have flowers on them in contrasting black & white. They’re also packed full with different textures & colours on each side. First we explored all of the different features by letting her feel each side of them and then went on to stacking them along with her stacking cups (which look a bit like plant pots when turned over!) so she could knock them down. IMG_3892
Garden baby play

We played with our Bright Starts flower which twists and turns into different shapes clicking with each turn which really grabs Florence’s attention.

Fluffy bunnies and cuddly mice had to make an appearance too! Their ears & limbs are great for grabbing! IMG_3927

While the ‘play station’ is normally set out for most of the week, we tend to explore a different set of toys and such each day rather than introduce all of the above at once! This way it keeps things varied for Florence and also isn’t too overwhelming. We like to play in lots of different positions too – on her tummy, laying on her back & sitting up in her Bumbo. PicMonkey Image

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