Baby Play – Sensory Light Play

Baby Play – Sensory Light Play

We have been going to a baby sensory play class now for a few weeks and Florence absolutely loves it. Not only does it give her a chance to interact with other babies (all the goo-ing and gah-ing a girl could ask for) it also gives her a chance to discover new sights, sounds & textures. I’ve started to bring some ideas home for our every day play and this week was all about lights! It’s been a pretty gloomy couple of days here and so with the curtains drawn and the main lights off I was able to make our play space as dark as possible so we could make the most of the toys & light up bits and bobs.

We used our Star Master projector on both settings (it has two, one just plain white stars and one with flashing & moving colored elements and they can be used together or separately).  She was transfixed by the twinkly stars on the ceiling but also liked just looking at the projector itself. Baby Sensory Play, Star Master Projector, Baby mobile, Baby Sensory

The Cable & Cotton lights were a real hit and Florence spent ages just looking at them as I moved them from side to side. We also explored their rough texture by running them over her hands. Baby Sensory, Sensory Play, Light Play Fairy lights, Coloured fairy lights, cable & cotton


I filled an empty Sprite bottle 1/5 of the way with water and then added two glow sticks to it & screwed the lid back on. We rolled it back and forth and watched the glow sticks move around in the water. We used the Poddle Pod to aid with some tummy time while we played and tracking the lights really helped to keep her head up and build that neck strength further. baby sensory play 2

IMG_2313 The last light element of our play session was a little light up flashing star which I placed underneath the soft, bobbly blanket for it to shine through. IMG_2307

We also had some shakers & scrunchy toys to add some sound to our play.IMG_2308

This sensory session explored both the sight & touch senses with the addition of some shakers & scrunchy toys for sound. You could also sing or play some music in the background instead of adding the extra toys. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star & the In the Night Garden them tune would both be lovely fits.

I will be sharing our baby play adventures here each week & I’d love to hear your suggestions for different sensory play themes so please do leave a comment below if you have any.


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