Baby Play – Grasping Practice

Baby Play – Grasping Practice

So it seems Florence has well and truly mastered the whole grasping thing. Just in time for the oh so glamorous Post Partum Hair Loss to kick in she’s become quite taken to grabbing handfuls of my hair! Over the last 3-4 weeks we’ve been exploring ways to strengthen her finger muscles and improving her coordination through lots of grasping practice and I thought I’d share a few top tips and the things we’ve been using to incorporate this new skill into our play.

Top Tips & Must Haves: 

Choose light weight items which can be grasped from any angle. At the moment everything is all a bit trial and error and she won’t have mastered how to move her hands and fingers to grasp objects from certain angles yet.

Remember your baby’s hands are only little and so introduce her to items which will be easy to get her fingers around. Teething rings and rattles are good examples, but I’ll share a few more below too.

Grasping Tins

These are great for keeping your baby occupied during tummy time! I fill a disposable oven tray with easy to grab objects and encourage Florence to reach out for them. Small baby safe cuddly toys with long arms, legs, tails & ears, scrunchy sponges, toothbrushes, make up brushes & tea spoons are all ideal items which are easy for your baby to get a hold of. grasping practice

We often also use our sensory scarves & ribbon strips too!

grasping practice 2

IMG_3590grasping practice 3

Homemade Rainbow Ribbon Rings

I made these Ribbon Rings to add to our sensory play and gave them out as favors to the babies at Florence’s Christening. They are really easy for little hands to clutch and perfect for popping in the changing bag for play on the go! RAINBOW RIBBON RINGS

Teething Toys

Believe it or not, Florence has already begun to cut her first tooth and so the teething rings & toys are out in full force! They’re designed with to be easy for little one’s to grasp and come in all sorts of shapes and sizes as well as soothing those pesky gums.

Noisy toys!

Literally anything that makes noise when touched makes a fab toy for grasping practice! Silver foil (we use an ambulance blanket cut into strips), activity cubes, rattles, rolling balls & shakers are all good examples. IMG_3607

Ribbon Boxes & Hanging Toys

Perfect for laying down or seated play (see below), babies love to reach out for objects in their reach. Ribbons, play gym toys & such are a firm favourite. Within our recent light play, we hung glow sticks above Florence and she loved grabbing them & batting them around. grasping practice 6

Supported seated play

At three months old, Florence isn’t yet sitting up unsupported for more than just a few seconds, but she does enjoy sitting between my legs or surrounded by a nursing pillow. She likes to lean forward and grab toys to play with. grasping practice 5

Safety Precaution: Supervise your little one at all times during grasping practice, small items are fab for clutching and grabbing but if they’re anything like Florence they’re more than likely putting everything they can in their mouth too!


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