5 Simple Baby Play Activities

5 Simple Baby Play Activities

Since having Florence, I have become passionate about play. I have loved seeing how, even from an early age, Florence has learned new skills and understandings through playing and today I wanted to share with you 5 simple baby play activities that you can do with your little one without needing anything you don’t probably already have at home.

Ball Baskets

Florence loves balls! We have a basket of balls of all different types and sizes and it’s the first thing I grab when we need a quick play activity. We practice rolling them, throwing them, bouncing them, putting them in and out of the basket and sometimes even the dog joins in for a little game of fetch! Ball games are a brilliant introduction to physical play and a great way to develop hand eye coordination and gross motor skills.

Pots & Pans Band

Babies love making noise and this super simple baby play is always a winner in our house. Plus it’s free as everyone has at least one saucepan and a wooden spoon in their kitchen and honestly, that is all you need! You can add a few more pots or pans or musical instruments in to the mix  if you want to.  

Helping with the laundry

This is hands down one of the best buyers of time for when you just need to get stuff done – ie laundry! I actually happened upon it by accident, I popped Florence down in the laundry basket for a quick second and she busied herself with the pegs for ages! Taking them in and out of the beg basket, clipping them on to the side, putting them all back in.

Colander Hedgehog

All you need for this is a colander and a pack of pipe cleaners or straws. Poke the pipe cleaners through the holes of the upside down colander and encourage your baby to pull them out and poke them back in again. Simple as that and it keeps Florrie’s little fingers busy for a while. I often name the colors of the pipe cleaners as she picks one up.

Explore the Garden

Now that the weather is showing signs of improving we are getting out into the garden a lot more. Florence loves being outside and we are currently in the middle of making our garden a lovely little toddler friendly play space. Simply having free roam to explore and take in everything the great outdoors has to offer is perhaps the simplest sensory play a little one could need. Florence likes tickling the flowers and picking up the stones & sticks to examine.

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