5 More Simple Baby Play Ideas

5 More Simple Baby Play Ideas

I’ve had so many lovely messages about my last baby play post that I thought I’d share another five simple baby play ideas with you guys.

What’s in the bag?

Whenever my Mum comes to visit, the first thing Florence does is empty her handbag of all of its contents and then popping it all back in. The same happens with the changing bag, my make up bag… basically, give my daughter a bag and it will keep her entertained for ages! It’s a great activity for teaching babies the words ‘in’ and ‘out’, as well as naming each item they pick up. It doesn’t have to be a bag either, a basket or box will do too.

Mama’s Purse

Similarly with bags, Florence loves a purse! If I need five minutes to clear up or keep her distracted while we’re travelling, I always pull my purse out (take all the change and my bank card out!) and let her play with the card section. My purse is always full of old train tickets & loyalty cards so she has great fun sliding them in and out of the slots and it’s a really good little fine motor skills builder.


‘Where’s Florence gone?’… ‘Boo!’. So she hasn’t quite grasped that you have to cover your eyes yet, but we probably play this about 5 times a day… at least! It’s a super simple game to play with your baby wherever you are and the bonus is you don’t need anything other than yourself & baby. Obviously, you can use a blanket or a toy to cover your face too, or even hide behind a bigger object, but when it comes to simple baby play, it doesn’t get much simpler than this.

Water Play

Give my baby a container of water and you can be sure she’ll play away for ages. We’ve bought her a water table for an early birthday present which is possibly the best purchase I’ve ever made as she has played with it almost every day since it arrived, but you don’t have to have a water table to be able to introduce your little one to water play. A tub, a large bowl, a plastic storage box or a paddling pool are all a good alternative… just add some bath toys or cups & spoons! It goes without saying that all play should be supervised, but please always keep a close eye on your baby while they’re playing with water!

Pick Up Sticks

Sticks, straws, pipe cleaners, they all work just the same for this little game. In fact, the more colourful the better! For this one I sat Florrie in her tuff spot (to contain the spread!) and poured out a packet of straws for her to play with. She spent ages rolling them around, picking them up in handfuls or just one at a time, blowing through them, spreading them out. Again, this is a fab activity for developing those fine motor skills as well as opening up an opportunity to teach your baby colours.

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