Plans for Florence’s First Birthday

Plans for Florence’s First Birthday

So here we are in May. Where on earth has the last year gone? I remember this time last year so clearly – I had just begun maternity leave and we were making the final preparations for Florence’s arrival. Now, in just 3 weeks, our teeny tiny baby girl will turn one! One whole year! Her actual first birthday is on a Thursday and Sean will be working in the morning. My sister & I are taking her into town for a birthday breakfast and a special trip to Build a Bear in the morning. We are going to buy her a dog complete with roller skates like the one she played with in their store at Easter. I am hoping that this will become a bit of a tradition for us to take forward for year to come. In the afternoon we are going to put on a little birthday tea party at our house and have invited immediate family & Florence’s God Parents to join us for cake & presents. Hopefully, the weather will be nice and our garden will be in better shape so we can spend the afternoon outside.

At the weekend, we are throwing her a rainbow themed Birthday Party in Sean’s parents garden and have invited all of our family & friends to celebrate in style.  The house and garden will be decorated in rainbow brights all over. A balloon–icorn will greet our guests at the door leading them through the house and into the conservatory.

The cake will sit upon a multi-coloured covered table with a rainbow balloon backdrop.

Outside there will be bunting hung all around the garden, we will tie floaty ribbons to the trees, above us we will hang paper lanterns to resemble hot air balloons in the sky and I am going to make some pin wheels to place along the patio.

The children will sit down to lunch at a specially made low level picnic table, along which a rainbow of balloons will sit. Each child will have a different coloured plate & cup and serviette.

A rainbow lunch will be served for the children upon a handmade low level banqueting table, surrounded by bright & bold blankets ad cushions for seats. The table will be decorated with a rainbow balloon centrepiece and each child will have a different colour plate & cup.

Source: Head over to my pinterest board here. 

A rainbow lunch will be served for the children with each plate being labelled with these cute little signs I made in PicMonkey. Later on, there will be a BBQ for the grown ups. 


There will be children there aged from 3 months to 10 years old and so we are going all out to make sure everyone is catered for when it comes to games and things to do.

For the babies, I am going to set up a rainbow coloured sensory play area on some foam mats in a shady spot of the garden. I am going to hang some jingly and reflective toys from a rainbow umbrella as well recreating this Flower Garden play inside in the cool.

For the older children, there will be games and challenges throughout the day including Happy Races, Pin the tail on the Unicorn, Pass the Parcel and a Treasure Hunt to fill our pot with gold as well as a water bead Tuff Spot, and an art station. Of course, I must also mention the playhouse Sean & his brother have been busy making over the last few weeks, by then it will have been painted and will be ready to host hours of play!





All we have to hope for is a little sunshine!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading our plans for Florrie’s first birthday. I will be sure to publish a post all about how it goes. 

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