My Baby Sprinkle

My Baby Sprinkle

This weekend was a busy one for baby and I. We had our risk assessment at the birthing centre and I finally finished writing my birthing plan on Saturday and then today was my ‘Baby Sprinkle’. Me and 12 of my ladies got together for a girly afternoon celebrating our little boy’s impending arrival.

Unlike the huge (and wonderful) Spring time baby shower I had while pregnant with Florence, it was a perfectly quiet and intimate affair this time around. Now just to warn you, the blogger in me failed to get many photographs of today at all, and there is just this one of me from the whole afternoon… super flattering I know. It may not be instaperfect, but it is a memory and those are just as magical. 

We went to Puddings in Maidstone where we had full private access to their upstairs room which was the perfect fit for our little group. By happy coincidence the walls are painted in a sumptuous navy blue which complimented the gold theme of chosen for the decor and of course was a nod to our blue bump. We sat down to a delicious afternoon tea of sandwiches, scones and cakes made in house.

While we did play a couple of games – Guess the size of the bump & ‘Would she rather’ – we were quite limited by the space so instead everyone was invited to decorate a little bodysuit however they wished and the best would be judged by Sean and awarded a prize. It was so funny how competitive everyone became and how into it they were – the room fell almost silent! The final results were amazing too. Among the greats we had a ‘Storm Pooper’, a rainbow and a rabbit but my friend Helena’s ‘Blue Floyd’ Band T design took the top spot. ! It even has personalised ‘tour dates’ on the back!

I also asked everyone to complete a page in a DIY first words book by drawing in a picture to match a letter of the alphabet. My friend has offered to digitise them all and the we are going to have them published as a proper book.

I love how through such a simple and crafty activity baby will have a bunch personalised gifts made with love.

Decor was kept low key (and low budget!) and we stuck with some Ginger Ray accessories, homemade game cards- free printable anyone? Watch this space – and a DIY gold balloon hoop decoration.

We were gifted some beautiful clothes and toys for baby boy which we opened once back at home. It was so nice to spend an afternoon with some of my favourite people, child free and actually be able to have uninterrupted conversation. The cake was just an added bonus!

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