Our Personalised Christmas Cards for Baby’s First Christmas

Our Personalised Christmas Cards for Baby’s First Christmas

So, the other day I shared some of the photographs I shot of Florence during our DIY Baby’s First Christmas photo shoot and mentioned that I was keen to use them in a few different ways. Well, the first of three ways I’ve used them so far is to design some beautiful personalised Christmas Cards.

I’ve wanted to do this sort of thing for years, make our Christmas wishes to family & friends a little more personal but I was always stumped at what photograph to use or how to make something handmade look remotely recognisable (of course the blogger in me means insta worthy!), but now I have Florence to help me spread a little Christmas cheer.Personalised Christmas Cards Baby's First Christmas 4

Once I chose which photo I wanted to be on the front of our cards, I scouted google to work out where would be a) cheaper – because we’re all feeling the pinch a bit this season and b) the best quality. After looking into a few alternatives I finally settled on vistaprint. They’re a brand I’ve used several times and who’ve just never let me down before so it was a no brainer really.

They have a HUGE range of templates for both folded and flat Christmas cards. I spent ages scrolling through them until I finally reached a decision and opted for the first one I’d looked at. A full photo image with ‘merry Christmas’ written across the bottom in a scrolly snowy font. Fantastically festive!Personalised Christmas Cards Baby's First Christmas

I chose my desired options for inside the card and opted for an extra photo to go on the back with a caption of ‘Christmas 2017’. I know our parents will no doubt keep these for years to come & so i thought it might make them more of a keepsake for them to look back on with her when she’s a bit older.Personalised Christmas Cards Baby's First Christmas 3

They have come out so well! They’re beautifully glossy and such great quality and I managed to get a bargain and bought them in the Black Friday sale so they came just over £10. While obviously more expensive than your average box o f Christmas Cards, Considering they are completely tailor made and personalised I think this was pretty good value.

I can’t wait to send them out to our family and friends.Personalised Christmas Cards Baby's First Christmas 2

*I have not been asked to or received any method of payment for publishing this blog post, I just simply wanted to show off our Christmas Cards for Florence’s First Christmas and offer my honest opinion on the items I ordered.

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