Florence’s Christmas Photo Shoot – 2018

Florence’s Christmas Photo Shoot – 2018

Can something be a tradition if so far you’ve only done it twice? Well, with this only being Florence’s second Christmas, I’m going to go ahead and say that it can! Last year I created a little Christmas Photo Shoot to mark her first Christmas and loved both doing it and the final outcome so much I vowed to recreate it again this year. 

On Wednesday I set up some fairy lights on the headboard of our bed and dressed Florence in a little festive outfit. I decided to go for a similar outfit to last year and chose some red & white stripey pj bottoms from an adorable little set I found in TESCO, a plain white vest and of course, the obligatory Santa’s hat which I bought from the kids section in Asda. It turns out, photographing a super active, strong willed 18 month old is actually quite a bit harder than when she was 6 months old and willingly sat still for more than two seconds! This years attempt at some cute Christmas photos was only a success thanks to the contents of Nanny’s biscuit box and some good old fashioned bribery. I feel like this years snaps sum up our little poppet perfectly and It’s going to be tough to choose which one to use on this years Christmas card.

This time next year, I will have two little Christmas babies to capture & share… how exciting.

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