Florence & William’s Christmas Photo Shoot – 2019

Florence & William’s Christmas Photo Shoot – 2019

It has become a bit of a tradition here to have a little mini Christmas photo shoot in December. This year is William’s first Christmas, so as well as some festive photographs of ecah of them, I got to capture some sibling shots which have made my heart sing!

Our Christmas photographs this year were taken over two days. I’ll be totally honest, trying to get a photo of both of them looking at the camera at the same time was quite a task and there were more than a few outtakes but I actually love every single photo I took.

I thought I’d share some of my favourites here as I do every year and below I’ve written a quick list of top tips for photographing babies, toddlers & siblings.




Once again, I am using some of these images to create our own personalised Christmas cards to send to our closest friends and family this year.

Top Tips for doing your own Christmas Photo Shoot with your children.

1 Choose a time in the day when everyone is happy. Trust me, it’s hard enough getting tinies to cooperate without having to deal with tired or hungry melt downs.

2. Make the backdrop simple. I stick to the same sort of style each year – white bed sheets and fairy lights and while it might seem a bit ‘boring’ I love looking back and seeing how they’ve grown which is emphasised by the similar settings.  Too much fuss will take away the focus from your little people’s little faces!

3. The more ridiculous you make yourself look, the more they will smile! I often play peek-a-boo behind the camera to get their attention, or fake a sneeze. I have no idea why, but they think sneezes are hilarious. Other people sit toys on top of the camera but William just tries to grab them.

4. Use a continuous shooting setting on your camera so that even when they won’t sit still you might just capture one non blurry photo.

5. When capturing younger siblings, try and get the older sibling involved in entertaining them. Florence loves trying to make William laugh and frankly, he thinks she’s the funniest person to ever walk the planet giving me more time to focus on the actual camera.

6. Don’t get so caught up on your ‘vision’ and instead let them be gloriously spontaneous and you might just capture a moment you’ll treasure forever. The shots I got of William jumping on Florence (to both of their entertainment) are among my favourites as they truly capture the bonkers relationship they have. And believe it or not, Florence put her arm around William without any prompting from me at all – that’s pure big sister adoration for her baby brother and those images are so special to me.

7. Use natural props. And I don’t mean leaves etc, but things that fit the ‘theme’ but that will engage your children at the same time. I used extra fairy lights, a Christmas hat, some little Christmas figures, a car and a whole bunch of books for this years photographs.

I’ve shared a little bit more about how I take photos here in this blog post, including the kit I use as well as the camera settings and how I edit images.

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