Our Family Christmas Eve Box

Our Family Christmas Eve Box

With Florence about to celebrate her second Christmas We are jumping on the bandwagon and indulging in what seems to be the latest popular Christmas tradition. This year will be the first year we have a proper Family Christmas Eve Box Filled with treats for each of us to take advantage on what has to be the most magical night of the year. I’ve decided to put together a family Christmas Eve box rather than one just for Florence because I want it to be something we can all enjoy together. The box is actually from my own little Christmas shop. We’ve personalised it with our family name (okay, I’m the odd one out being that we aren’t married but I hope that it’ll be used year after year so with any luck I will become a ‘Smith’ eventually) and I chose the lidded option because I just preferred those at the time.

I’ve carefully chosen special things for each of us to include, and while predominantly the contents are aimed at Florence there are things for us grown ups too!

What’s inside our family Christmas Eve box?

For Florence I’ve selected a bunch of little treats and activities that I know she will love and that will add a little extra magic to her Christmas Eve.

I picked up this Christmas Colouring & activity kit along with some crayons from Wilko’s kids party favour range for her to do throughout the day and for some sensory play in the tuff spot and of course to make sure the reindeer don’t get too hungry, A homemade sack of reindeer food which we’ll sprinkle outside on a tray ready for them to arrive. (We’ll be putting it out on a tray instead of straight on the ground as it contains glitter and we don’t want any other animals to come along and eat it and get poorly!)

I’ve also added some homemade gingerbread play dough complete with gingerbread man & star cutters as they will  be perfect for keeping Florence busy while I help getting the Christmas Eve feast ready.

I got this little reindeer sleepsuit from Tesco and these adorable Rudolph soft soled shoes which double up as slippers from Dotty Fish – the perfect attire for the most magical bedtime of the year!

I’ve added some chocolate reindeer noses and a packet of Reindeer noses because frankly if you can’t have chocolate at Christmas when can you? As a special Christmas treat I’ve added a little Christmas Peppa Pig cup and reusable straw which she can drink her bedtime milk from instead of her bottle.

It’s always been a tradition in our house to watch The Polar Express On Christmas Eve so I’m looking forward to costing down with her in the afternoon and watching it before our guests arrive for the evening.

And last but not least, a special bedtime story –  The Night Before Christmas.

For Sean I’ve included a bottle of cider which if I wasn’t pregnant I’d totally be downing myself as it’s just TO DIE FOR – and some cheese and biscuits as they’re his favourite festive treat.

For me, I’ve opted for a can of Appletiser which has become my go to drink this Christmas and some Dairy Milk chocolate with a bag of popcorn just in case.

In lieu of Christmas Pj’s we both have some matching Christmas socks.

For when Florence is in bed – Ha! Wishful thinking! – I’ve got one of my favourite festive films , The Holiday, recorded and we’ve also got a board game ready to bring out too – it just doesn’t fit in the box!

Do you have a Christmas Eve Box this year?

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