How to make DIY Reindeer Food Sack

How to make DIY Reindeer Food Sack

While Florence is a little young to really understand what on earth is going on this Christmas,  I have made these cute little Reindeer Food Bags for the older children in our family and I thought I would share a little tutorial on how you can make them too. Alternatively, if you just don’t have the time but would still like to have one, you can buy one from my new facebook page here.  All the proceeds are going towards our big savings pot for our house!

All you need is:

1 x cup of porridge oats


1tbsp cinnamon

Zip Lock Food Bag

Burlap square of around 9″ x 9″

Googly eyes

Red ribbon

Jingle bell

Hot Glue Gun

First things first, you will need to make your reindeer food. Mix your porridge oats, glitter and ground cinnamon together in a bowl. You could also use ginger or mixed spice depending on your preference. Pour the mixture into a zip lock bag, collecting it into one corner of the bag and tie the string around the top to make a cone shape.

Next, grab your burlap square and place the bag in the centre. Fold one corner of the burlap twice into the centre and then repeat on the opposite side. Roll both sides in to cover the bag.

Now fold the two ends up and pinch together at the top of where the bag is. Tie together with string and you should have the basic shape of your reindeer – the head and two ears.reindeer food sack 2

Next is the fun part. Using your hot glue gun, stick the googly eyes & Pom Pom nose onto one side of the head to form Rudolph’s face. Then simply tie your ribbon in a bow around the base of the ears to hide the string and add the jingle bell for decoration.

And there you have it, a super cute Reindeer Food Sack!

reindeer food sack PIN

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