DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

DIY Christmas Wrapping Paper

With all eyes on the impact we have on the planet I’m making a conscious effort to make this Christmas as Eco Friendly as possible. I’ve tried to opt for wooden toys over plastic for Florence, I’ve made a lot of gifts rather than bought them and we’ve made our own plastic free Christmas cards too! This year, having read all about the impact our use of shop bought gift wrap has on the environment, I’ve opted for making our own and I’m so pleased with how each design has come out. They’re super simple to do too so I thought I would share a little DIY.

You can buy rolls of plain or brown paper fairly cheaply from craft shops or Amazon and  I opted for plain white paper as a backing for my reindeer, robin & penguin designs. I am also thinking of doing a snowman design too, and will likely use brown paper for that one.

For the penguins, all you need is some black, white and orange poster paints and a cocktail stick.

Squeeze some of the black paint onto a plate, dip your thumb in and make thumb prints across the page. Let them dry and then repeat with white paint using your finger tip, on top of the black thumbprints – these will be the penguin’s belly. Leave to dry.

Using the cocktail stick, make two dots on each penguin to make the eyes and then using the other end make another dot with the orange paint to make the beak.

Leave to dry again, and there you go, all done.

Follow the exact same process for the Robins but instead use brown & red for the body, black for the eyes and orange for the beak and then do the same for the Reindeer aside from the orange beak. Using a brown marker pen or felt tip, draw on some antlers.

I finished each wrapped gift with a red ribbon and tied a bow for some that little extra something.

I also made matching Christmas cards for each different design. 

This could easily be a craft you could do with children and is definitely one that I will try when Florence is a little older and the beauty is they don’t have to be perfect! Every character is a little different and quirky.

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