DIY Baby’s First Christmas Photo Shoot

DIY Baby’s First Christmas Photo Shoot

So it’s here, December is finally upon us and this year I am beyond excited for the festive season! So much so that we put our tree up last weekend and we have spent every morning for the last couple of weeks listening to Christmas songs while we have our breakfast. It’s safe to say Florence has seen enough Mama dancing to last her a lifetime already. I will be amazed if she can’t sing ‘All I Want For Christmas’ off by heart by January! Perhaps it is because that this Christmas will be her first, my first as a mama that I am as excited as I am. For so long, All I really wanted for Christmas was my own baby, my own little girl and look! This year, my Christmas wish has come true! And because I want to capture every moment and because I can’t resist the urge to be that cliche Pinterest Mama I kicked off our first Christmas as a family with a little DIY photo shoot for Florence.n

Since having her, I’ve discovered a passion for photography, I rarely leave the house without my camera, I dream of one day owning my own studio and being mentored by my beautiful friend, Sarah. So far, I have mostly taught myself everything I know and I will be honest, it’s just a lot of trial and error, but I thought I’d share how we got these gorgeous sparkly shots. They’re perfect for personalised Christmas cards, ideal gifts for Grandparents when placed in a lovely frame or great to display in your home as a beautifully Christmassy decoration.Florence Baby's First Christmas 3

Florence wore a simple white long sleeved body suit, a pair of red & white stripe trousers (which were part of a 2 piece set) and a cute little Santa hat. I got the whole outfit from Tesco for under £10.Florence's Baby's First Christmas Photo shoot 3

So How did I Do it?

It’s actually really simple. All you need is a set of warm white icicle lights, a white duvet, a white background (I used my head board), some tape and a camera / camera phone. It also helps to do it in a well naturally lit room. These photos were taken with the window behind the bed.Florence's Baby's First Christmas Photo shoot 2

Tape the Christmas lights in a line to your back drop and place the duvet right up against it. If you have enough lights, you could do a second strip of lights for extra sparkle, but these were achieved with just one.Florence's Baby's First Christmas Photo shoot

I used a Canon EOS 750D * on the SCN kids setting to shoot these. Florence never sits still any more so this setting is fab for eliminating any blurryness and catching those beautiful candid baby face expressions. Editing wise, I’ve literally only enhanced the clarity on PicMonkey and topped up the brightness a little.Florence Baby's First Christmas photo shoot 2

I absolutely love how these have come out and can’t wait to hang them up around our home.Florence's Baby's First Christmas Photo shoot 4

If you do give this ago, I would love to see how you get on!PIN

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