Christmas Discovery Basket for 6 months & up

Christmas Discovery Basket for 6 months & up

As well as some fab toy reviews, I’m going to be sharing a few festive baby play ideas here over the next few weeks. Today I thought I would tell you about our Christmas Discovery Basket which is suitable for around 6 months and above.

The basket itself is from Tiger. I use these all over the house as they’re useful and look cute too, and at only a fiver who could complain? It is made from textured weaved plastic, which in itself provides no end of entertainment for Florence as her latest favourite thing to do is flex her fingers and scratch away at any surface she can!

Inside we’ve placed a whole host of Christmassy items ready to get her senses working. Firstly, while it might be banned in my Christmas decor, I have bought a length of tinsel for her discovery box. She loves the way it sparkles under light and tickles her fingers when she plays. She has, however become quite taken with pulling the strands out and trying to eat them, so if I’m not able to supervise play for even a second or am out of reach I do take this away to avoid any choking hazard.Christmas Discovery Basket 9

Next in the box I put two silicone baking moulds. They’re in the shape of a snowman and a penguin and are smooth and squishy and seem to work really well as teethers. Plus they’re super easy to clean at the end of the day as I just pop them in the dishwasher and give them back the next morning.Christmas Discovery Box 2

Christmas Discovery Box 3

No Christmas is complete without a little sparkle & these glittery baubles are the perfect addition! I taken off the clips & tops to remove any risk of them coming off and Flo choking on them. I’ve also added a red and white stripe knitted bauble. As there’s no plastic topper or small parts this is a lovely baby safe Christmas decoration that can be used in lots of ways. We play a game where I roll it to her and she picks it up, places it back on the floor ready for me to take it and roll it back. It’s the perfect size for her little hands to pass from one to another too.Christmas Discovery Box 6

I made this super easy Christmas discovery ‘bottle’ by filling it with some cute Santa pegs and a couple of jingle bells I bought from Poundland. It makes a great shaker and a brilliant visual stimulant.Christmas Discovery Box 7

Our Hape Penguin wobbler has become our most played with toy of the moment so we could hardly leave him out! He makes a lovely jingle jangle sound and is fab for teaching baby cause & effect. And for a cuddly contrast, our Christmas bear is just perfect. Christmas Discovery Box 8

I’ve included a couple of plastic Star cookie cutters as they’re the perfect play thing for little fingers. And of course, our star night light too. These are great props for a rendition of twinkle twinkle and have encouraged me to start practicing the sign for star with Florence too.Christmas Discovery Box 5

All of these items offer plenty of play opportunities individually and it’s been fascinating to watch Florence become familiar with each thing and then begin to play with them together. Though I think her favourite way to play is to one by one take every item out of the box and try her best to get in it! Haha.

Have you made a discovery box for your baby this Christmas? I would love to see what you’ve put in yours!

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